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Ravinia tickets on sale today

Tickets are on sale Thursday for the summer season at Ravinia Festival in Highland Park.

The season features more than 80 first time Ravinia performers and plenty of returning favorites.

Tickets are only on sale online right now at where you can also see their schedule; phone sales begin May 20.

Expect to spend 35 minutes in an online waiting room before you can even buy tickets.

The second night for Sting’s show on June 8 is completely sold out.  Only lawn tickets remain for his first night June 7.


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  • Susan Moore

    Hey Dean, I've been waiting for almost an hour for my Ravinia order to complete. Is there a bigger problem than a busy website? Can't find any phone number that connects with a person at Ravinia.

  • Fool me once

    Hi Susan. Ravinia' s ticketing system is notoriously horrible. Last year people were waiting 5-6 hours. My advice is to give up.


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