Chicago workers strike over wages at McDonald’s to Macy’s

Hundreds of fast food and retail workers in Chicago walked off their job Wednesday in a campaign to push for higher wages.

The Fight for $15 campaign said it expects McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Macy’s, Sears and Victoria’s Secret stores in the Loop and Magnificent Mile to be affected.

McDonalds WagesThe strike began around 5:30 a.m. at the McDonald’s inside Union Station. A rally is planned for 4 p.m. at the St. James Cathedral near Huron and Rush streets.

Employees will march in the Chicago Loop and near the Mag Mile shopping area and call for $15-an-hour.

In addition to higher pay, Fight for $15 is pushing to organize a union for workers so they can support their families, and put money back into the economy.

The group said, “Fast food and retail workers bring more than $4 billion a year into the cash registers of the Magnificent Mile and the Loop, yet most of these workers earn Illinois’ minimum wage of $8.25, or just above it.”

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report

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  • Jake

    In chicago with the high a## taxes $15.00 is min wage in my opinion. 15 per hour doesn't have the same purchasing power it had 20 yrs ago. 15 is the new 7.50.

  • Brian

    Want to make that type of money, learn a skill besides being a cashier or a fry cook. Sorry to say, your skill set does not warrant you to make $15 dollars an hour. Try working a second job to make ends meet and get back to school and learn the skill set that will get you a job that will pay you that much or more!

  • Mark D.

    Ridiculous! They are asking for a huge pay increase, which isn't deserved in comparison with the rest of the workforce in this country. McDonald's is an ENTRY LEVEL job people. I heard a 22 year old girl complain today that she can't live on her own while working at McDonald's — no kidding! You're 22 YEARS OLD! You are basically NEW to the workforce. You don't deserve $15 dollars an hour for a job working at a fast food restaurant! This is how it works — you either go to school WHILE you work a minimum pay job, OR you work your way up the ladder (like the rest of us) and obtain a Management or Corporate position. What the heck is wrong with these people? The Chicago school teachers should be a perfect example. Sure they got their rase — then they closed schools; laid off workers; and laid off workers again! Do you see how this works?

    • A rational American

      I agree with the last commenter. If you want 15 hr, get a job that pays better. If we paid 21hr minimum wage, that would not solve the problem because they would need to inflate everyone else to keep the standard. Then a loaf of bread would cost 10 dollars or a gallon of milk 15 dollars. It a ripple effect. Look at inflation over. The last 100 years.