Teen fatally shot blocks from Obamas’ home on South Side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Timika Rutledge-German talks about her son, Cornelius German, 15, (inset) who was shot and killed Monday night. (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune/Family photo)

A 15-year-old boy was shot to death just blocks from President Obama’s Hyde Park home.

Cornelius German was killed Monday night in a friend’s backyard in the 5000 block of South Evans Avenue after a dice game broke up.

Police say German was shot once in the stomach and died at the scene, which is less than four blocks from the Obamas’ home in the 5000 block of South Greenwood in the adjacent Kenwood neighborhood.

He was waiting for his parents to pick him up at the house because, his parents say, he was afraid to wait at the bus stop because of all the shootings in the neighborhood.

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  • joe

    They are not even that close. Stop trying to add obama's home to shootings. Outside hyde park is not a good area. It called gentrification. Good area next to garbage.

    • bobanmebrudder

      Joe in my opinion you are 100% right. How about the other "legal gun owners in the gangs?" LOL They don't have to do anything but shoot them. The cops arrest them and the courts tell the cops, illegal arrest and he/she walks out of court laughing. This way they go and get another gun. I wonder what kind of background check they have?

  • anne -- a chicagoan

    Is this more important than the kid killed anywhere else. When the Obama's lived in Chicago, they didnt care about crime that did not affect their little world or the food desert. Why do they care now?

    • deb

      I have to agree with you. The area or any structure location does not bear mention when it come to ANOTHER one of our youths dying in the street. However, I don't think the journalist mean any harm. It's just their way to captivate media attention. Don't shoot the messenger.

    • Jake

      Perhaps the media wants to sensationalize it just like the Pendleton case. They want to make a fuss bout it when the victim's parents get an invitation to the White House too.

  • sharong4

    Before he became President nothing was mentioned about the crimes close to his home. Why bother now? Is there a statement to be made? The same crime that is going on now, was going on before he became President. People are more focused on the President's home than on the question at hand. Who killed that young boy? Focus on that.

    • bob

      The point is Obama is pushing a nationwide gun ban when in his own city, in his own neighborhood, where gun ownership was once illegal has done nothing to decrease the crime rate. That's why a statement is to be made…

      • attitude killer

        yeah so get the hype built up on how we take what we want and they be no consiqunces when we get shot….. roll out the red carpet and bang the bible….. oh my baby!!!!!!! oh my baby !!!!!!!!!! when they know damn well what their kids are up too

  • Todd Pardee

    How many violent deaths within 1 mile of Obama home? How many within 1 mile of Rev. Jackson home? How many within 1 mile of operation Push HQ?

    • Chris

      I lived just 4 blocks from the Obama's for 13 years and I can tell you personally that none of those politicians gave a shit (pardon my French) about the violence on the south side. They holed up in their huge mansions, with their guards and ignored everything going on. If they cared, they would have made some attempt to bring businesses, jobs, proper policing and FAIR transportation services to the area. Instead they turned a blind eye to all of it. I got disgusted and finally moved away.

  • Law n order


  • jeffeve

    NOT within 4 blocks…
    the Obama's home is on the 1200-1300 block of 51st Street.
    Please correct the reporting

    AND rightly agree that it does not really matter WHERE anyone is shot dead – they are shot dead.

  • Caligula

    I'm sure he was an outstanding well behaved young man who walked along the lake shore writing poetry and contemplating his future as a doctor or lawyer.

  • Mannie21

    A life people, a young man loses his life. And all I read is every ones personal agenda. My prayers to the family.
    My belief is God will fix this situation. We will have victory over this situation no matter what you see and hear.
    I believe it.

    • kirby1414

      Mannie – – It's nice that you think that you think that God will fix this…Is he going to get rid of all the gang banging killers? Lock them up? Put them in death camps?
      I don't think so…people are going to have to 'step up' and take responsibilty for what is happening…its getting worse NOT better – and having your head in the clouds will not help~

    • Caligula

      God, like Mayor Emmanuel and the rest of the Chicago ilk, don't give 2 cents about "this situation". If the people on the south side would take it upon themselves to stop shoving their heads in the sand, then maybe, just maybe something good could come out of it. Till then I will voice my contempt for the people that act like animals on the south side.

  • Nickimouse

    Omo my half of you commenting arentany better than the ones doing the killing. You are vandalizing his name not knowing a thing about this young man. Yes all those killed werent angels, but not one person anywhere deserves to lose thier life to a senseless crime. This city needs Jesus this nation needs Jesus and you with ignorant comments need Jesus as well. Think about if the tables were turned and it was your loved ones. God bless his mother and family and friends with peace during this rough time.