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Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to the point where we are not talking about wins vs. losses but rather grading how bad each loss is.  After a sloppy weekend in Milwaukee during which numerous mistakes on defense and pitch execution led to a sweep, the Cubs played a very solid game Monday here in Cincinnati.  In fact, it was the Reds who made a bunch of defensive miscues, committing three errors in extras, opening the door for the Cubs, who eventually took advantage of one of those bad plays to take a two-run lead on a home run by Luis Valbuena in the 13th (that followed an error to start the inning).  But Michael Bowden couldn’t hold it, allowing three to score in the bottom of the 13th.

The Cubs probably deserved to win that game, but “deserve” has little to do with it sometimes in this cruel game.  You feel like they should be getting some breaks, a break, any break at some point.  But when you’re going the way they are, it feels like you’re never gonna win another game.  The starting pitching has been so good, it makes this stretch even more maddening.  The starters need to be rewarded at some point.

The way to get out of this?  Just keep working to get better, limit the mistakes and take a breath.  Playing tight and putting extra pressure on yourself is no way to get out of a funk.


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  • Tim

    Another horrible season and we are only in April. We will easily lose another 100 games this year. No doubt in my mind. If Wrigley is still full at the end of the season I'd be surprised. This is flat out ugly baseball. Doesn't matter how well the starters are doing. You need real major league players who can compete night in and night out to be competitive. All the Cubs seem to be are an upscale AAA team.

  • Barry

    Last night with the bags loaded on a 3-2 pitch, Castro swung at a pitch low out of the strike zone. If he took the pitch the Cubs get a run. Castro is a selfish player who only wants to win by getting hits. Moving runners and taking walks are part of team play too. The next inning, Rizzo swung at a 3-2 pitch that was shoulder high. He led off the inning. When the first hitter reaches base on a walk, he scores 75% of the time.

    The problem with the Cubs are that the play the game the wrong way. They don't accept walks, they don't move runners, they swing at pitches out of the strike zone in favorable counts, like 3-1, or 2-0. Sveum should be disciplining players who are not playing the right way, but he never seems to do so. If he tells the player of some mistake, it is obvious he does nothing to reinforcing proper behavior, as he does not sit players down, or move them in the order. At least with Castro, move him out of the 2 hole, and put someone like Barney there who would try to move runners along. Unless and until the Cubs change the way they play, they will continue to lose, even when they have better players.

    As a fan, I can tolerate physical errors; but I cannot tolerate constant mental errors and playing selfishly, which is the way most of the Cubs play the game.