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Des Plaines cleanup continues; road closures stand

People in Des Plaines may get a little relief on the roads today.

Village officials are hoping to re-open major arteries, including river road.

The river crested to record levels on Friday and remains at flood stage.


Des Plaines flood cleanup

The town is expected to start efforts to open roads as soon as water levels drop to eight feet.

The main roads that are still closed due to flooding are:

  • Golf closed Rt. 45 to East River Rd.
  • River Rd. closed Golf to Kensington
  • Algonquin closed between River Rd. and Lee St.
  • Lee closed between S. River Rd. and Elk Blvd.
  • River Rd. between Miner and Touhy
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1 Comment to “Des Plaines cleanup continues; road closures stand”

    Reese Riley Jourdain said:
    April 23, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    We all should pitch and help get this place cleaned up for the sake of these people, they deserve a warm home to sleep in at night when they get back from work.

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