Mother, boyfriend charged with murder of 1-year-old Maywood boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The mother of a 1-year-old boy and her boyfriend have both been charged with first degree murder, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Lakesha Baker, 22 and Michael Scott, 21, both of the 300 block of South 10th Avenue, have each been charged with murder in connection with the death of 1-year-old Bryeon Hunter.

Sally Daly, spokeswoman for the state’s attorney’s office, said the couple is due in bond court tomorrow.

Check back for more information.

By Matthew Walberg Tribune reporter

Copyright © 2013 Chicago Tribune Company, LLC

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  • Caring

    Why is exactly what I say?! That baby didn’t deserve to die. Hope the mother and boyfriend never get out of jail unless in a body bag!

  • kirby1414

    I feel so sad – – I just knew, as the story progressed – – and there was so much doubt – – that this was going to end badly and sadly….
    Folks – – we have to FIGHT to get the death penalty back in Illinois – – why should all of the killers be allowed to live the rest of their lives, when they have TAKEN lives??? And how sad that this little sweet baby had to die…and the 'mother' made up stories…I'm sorry: BOTH the 'mother' and the b'friend need to die…it's the only fair ending to this horrible story~

    • mamcita

      I wish they had the death penalty in IL too but the liberals have taken over this state and as long as they are in charge, the death penalty won't return.

    • Tired of the Morons

      Dale you idiot. The death penalty cuts down on the amount of time MY tax money has to support a worthless POS. Convict them, take them in the basement and shoot them in the head. Problem solved.

  • alicia

    now i really hope hispanics beat her up in jail for lying .. blaming 3 hispanics guys im so mad .. i pray to god justice is well serve for this

    • dale

      that not going to bring back that boy so your hate is not going to help i knoiw it wrong i m not cool with it but god has a plan for all this u think it ahppen fopr not a reason wake up devil useing ppl to get at each other but god said pray for theos who do wrong pray for the mother if u got any heart in u n let god do his job wnat to see something done to them pray to god n let m take over n stop wishing ppl get beat up what about your family u better think while u hating on here god with show u y he said love your enemy stop playing god

  • Bridget

    Lord Jesus
    May that poor baby’s soul be at peace in the arms of the angels
    No child deserves to die
    I am a single mother and it’s hard but ill be damned if I let just anybody around my son

  • Louisa

    Pathetic! Death penalty truly needs to be reinstated. If you do this for any reason under the sun, you have given up any and all rights to breathe another day.

    • dale

      so what u saying is u r god rite god dont do killing ppl they do that on there own i m praying for them both the way god say do because in the end u see how god work with out u putting on hand on m ok boy doing well n heaven let that boy rest n peace u being set up by the devil to talk about killing n taking life for no reason let god do his job never fail net n stop palying god becare for u say u n your family maygo threw some stuff in the only thing is pathetic is that u dont get it pray for them that hate u got that how u get set up by satan n dont know it wow

  • Sharon brown

    Regardless if the death penalty is reinstated, it takes a long time for someone to be put to death and that doesn't include the fact that the loved one is still gone. let them go through the perils of hell in jail for the rest of their lives. God bless the child. He is in a better place.

    • kirby1414

      You have some good points – But, from what I read- and hear – Jail is not 'perils of hell' – like you and I would think it is – – They have TV, visitors, sports, libiaries, $ to spend from relatives/friends, etc. Illinois needs to put back the death penalty – and stipulate that the act of death be within – 30/60/90 days – what ever seems reasonable…

  • wisconsinman

    and guess what they will sit in jail the rest of there life's and we the tax payers will be feeding them,this world is a place i don"t want to live in any more….i think if u take a life u should lose your life not this sitting in jail the rest of your life is that fair to the 1 or 1"s they killed….grow some ball"s USA!!

    • Maria

      Thank you Law n Order, I strongly feel the same…yes I know it's horrible to want to condemn death on another human life, but this hurting and killing these innocent, defenseless, babies has to STOP!!!! These animals that commit these disgusting heartless crimes, need to pay and set an example to the rest of potential child abusers in the world that this cruel act toward our children will not be tolerated, there's absolutely no reason what so ever a person should feel that the only option is to harm/kill a child because of stress, or their tired, weak, or whatever else may run through that insane head of theirs. I look at my babies and I just can't see my life without them, I hate to see them sick, I cry when I have to take them to the Dr. as they get their shots. I just can't comprehend how someone can hear that child cry and look into their beautiful eyes, as they're holding on to life as they're being hurt to the point of death. Especially from a "mother", after carrying that baby for 9months, that wonderful, one of a kind bound between a mother and child, that should be more than enough of a reason to take care of your child, lay your life down to make sure nothing or noone ever harms or comes between you and your child. So yes, heartless animals have no place on this earth!

    • dale

      really u been living n the devil world because that how n what he do kill let god do what he need to do n pray for that boy mother if god is willing to say everybody should be save or is it just about eye 4 eye really no it about the boy n god n that boy one day i see i teach m of god love hold m n heaven cry with m n show m the true love they didnt know how to give one day u remeber this n will face god with what u say this is god world not your not mind so y cant the usa stop killing each other n start loving each other what ever we have done that n god hand leave that alomne u dont i wnat to get my hand on them but i have to think god wouldnt do that kill them that all we know to kill each other god gave u a chance one day now forgive them dont let satan who have trick u to bel;eave that they should dide rerally what about if your family member did some thing like that should that die 2 no

    • dale

      oh so now u god well let me tell u this trust god n let it go who made u over life n death that y they kill m because they n ppl dont care we got to do better that boy n heaven now but i wnat to play god havent we kill each other to many time but with god he can use them if they willing to obey that not on us to give life or take it yea they did that boy wrong but think what about your if your family did that to some one then what kill them what about life boy didnt have a chance now let give me one by praying for the mother ur not god stop trying to kill everything off because god will show u a lot better then them becareful what u say see u thinking about the money tax payer got to pay really the boy die n u wnat to kill the mother n boyfriend i m not happy with them but at the same time love got to show up some where he way boy doing fine n heaven they will be juged by god not u or anyother tax payer take care of your own family anything will happen in life n that boy dieing is a wake up call

  • sharong4

    Why didn't she just give the baby to his daddy? Unless daddy didn't want him. I never had another man around my children. Not saying that all men are bad, or women for that matter, but why take chances.

  • Deonna Kelly

    Did u people forget about the poor little baby u guys can fight and argue with one other on a different site let this be about the baby he all alone out there waiting for someone to find his body and he was thinking what did I do wrong for them to do this to me. God rest his soul.

    • dale

      tthat hurt they find the body soon he with god now n u rite it about the boy n god now they r threw but like god said i can for give everybody let do that for them i pray for both of them n let me tll u some thing now there a lot more kids out there going threw the same thing that a message to us wake up do the rite thing help the young one who r weak that baby never had a chance but with god he did lil b we find u soon hang on baby boy u going n r n heaven lil man

  • deebee1

    Oh My God !!!!The Lord has taken his little angel back home. I don't know the mother or her boyfriend…. But if you can kill your baby or you let someone else kill your baby and you go along with it .. You don't deserve to have a baby or anything else. May God have mercy on your souls. I pray that the baby's father and his family have comfort in knowing that little Bryeon Hunter is back in God's arms . May God comfort and keep the love ones of this baby .

  • angie Oliver

    Omg, I am deeply sadden to hear this in my heart I felt like she had something to do with his murder but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but my gut feeling didn't mistake me now i am angry an I want to do something to her Why a baby why!

    • dale

      i knew he did it just keep saying the boy was going to be all rite but god told me no he dead it cool i love that boy qwith all my heart he be miss n like i said i see m in heaven in the frist thing i going to do is hold m n my arms n cry n love m for ever

    • dale

      no it about for give ness if u beleave n trust god they get what coming to them but not by me i love thems both n pray for them both and the baby boi is fine now he with god dont trip on seeing ppl die if god can forgive us y not them to

  • Tired of the Morons

    Honestly, was there any doubt. "They grabbed me and told me not to come around and hit the baby and kept him." God these people are stupid beyond belief.

    • kirby1414

      Oh – I almost forgot about him….did they EVER find the shooter(s)?? The 'father' was suppose to be helping….fat chance of that…




    God rest that child's soul. I lost my son due to natural causes and i live in pain everyday. How can a mother be so cruel. I am going to go home and hug my daughter and tell her she means the world to me.

  • dale

    wow what can i say but cry that the way the world is was mad at frist then i said pray for them the boy with god now where he should be if ppl not going to take care of there baby how they kill m it mopre to it then that maybe the boy was being abuse in the frist pLCE ONLY I HAD BEEN THERE I WOULDNT DID SOME THING BUT I Cn save everybody that my lil man should been taking care of better the gramother i m sure is so upset wow to kill a 1 year old like that some thinmg not rite they tell more but u know what i pray one day i see m n heaven hold him n telling i care n love u lil man my mother die a 15 year ago but she in heaven now taking care of that lil boy like she did us n when i get there i m going to take care of m as he grow up n heaven she love kids so do i and that some thing god has puy in my heart rest n peace lil we all know what happen buddy i see m that for sure i love m so much in didnt or have i seen that beofr all this happen i m going to try to help other woke me up to how ppl really r but u know what the mother n boyfriend will pay for this n god hand n time take care lil b untill we meet n heaven

  • Saddened Mother

    I lost a child to natural causes three years ago, still there's not one day that I don't grieve for my daughter. What I wouldn't give to have her back, and now here we have a mother accused of taking the life of her precious child…how sad, how evil!

    When I looked into his little sad of eyes, I can only imagine the constant fear and pain he must have lived with during his short, brief life and it breaks my heart.

    My plea to all parents who batter their child(ren) behind closed doors…PLEASE STOP! seek help immediately. Although you may not physically take the life of your child now…you take their innocence, their childhood, their trust, their emotional well being forever, and you can no more give that back, as the murderers of this small angel can.