Man canoes down flooded Chicago street

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  • karen Bartels

    wish you guys would let all the ppl in Burbank and Oaklawn that they metter too … DOLTON has nothing on us !!!!

  • United Front

    I bet Emanual is checking to see if the guy has a vehicle sticker. If not, guess what? The alderclowns will spend weeks debating the need and the amount.

  • Frontier1

    Also it's not Chicago it's Norridge…. And their politics aren't any better than the big city…. im sure theyll look to asses a fee for the free loading boater too if they can find a cop to write a ticket….. Hopefully the new Mayor can do something about that towns identity, if not for a prime location that town would have sank like a sinkhole years ago…

  • Frontier1

    Island lifestyle is nice and laid back …. I can't believe u left a broken school system and a city worthy of the title "number 1 murder rate in the nation"…. Enjoy! Life is really too short..