New judge assigned for Jackson sentencing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new judge has been seated to sentence former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi.

Judge Amy Jackson, no relation, once defended another convicted Congressman, Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson, against charges of official corruption.

The Jacksons admitted looting the Congressman’s campaign fund to support a lavish lifestyle, and not reporting it to the IRS.

Jackson could get five years in prison; his wife could get two years.

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    • rich

      Yesssss, we have way too many of these crooks in Illinois politics,I just wish we really knew what they were locking this scum bag up for,7500000 is not that much to cop a plea to for a Congress man who’s been at the job for 17 years, sooooooo jjj what did you really get caught doing

  • joe

    Opportinity, Opportunity, Opportunity!!! Slip the new Judge in while the Country is pre occupied with Boston. We will see how the news media reacts to this change. Will they report it or treat it with kid gloves. Don't be surprised to see them walk.

  • kirby1414

    And I read somewhere last night that JJJ has a new pro bono attorney with connections to Washington DC….this isn't over – but, I predict that the Jacksons will come out much better than you or I would…he's got connections – – The whole family is crooks – so I guess we should keep that in mind~

  • lovingmommy

    Where is Rev Jesse Jackson now? Always trying to be the advocate against "racial profiling!" Always attacking other races for being "racist against blacks." Where is he now when his corrupt son and daughter in law face charges. Why doesnt daddy come to the rescue now? All politicians are crooks. these two were just stupid enough to get caught. I mean, $75,000 on a watch for a friend and gifs for others! really? And here the city is raising parking meter fees; among MANY OTHER services! let's see you pull out the race card now Mr. Rev.

  • enbeuu

    40 years ago I spent some time in Chicago as a grad student at Purdue; never did understand Illinois' reputation as being so corrupt in their politics; the people I knew would not tolerate such craziness; but it happens.