Amber Alert issued for 1-year-old Maywood boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 1-year-old Maywood boy is missing tonight and police are seeking the public’s help.

Bryeon Hunter mother, 23-year-old Lakeshia Baker, says she and the boy were leaving McDonald’s near 5Th and Main St in Maywood on foot when a black sports car pulled up and three male Hispanics kidnapped them then took off.

Baker says they drove her to woods nearby and beat her up injuring her ribs, lungs and face before driving her back to the area where she was first abducted. Then they took off with her son.

Tonight she is pleading with her kidnappers to release young Bryeon.

Baker says she doesn’t know why she and her son were targeted.

The boy is described as black, 30 lbs and last seen wearing a blue striped long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and blue and brown Nike boots.

If you have information, please contact Maywood Police Department, 708-450-4471

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  • Joymar

    I wish your posts would give more details about the story. Was he abducted from a house? Was he standing on the corner by himself? Where were his parents?

    • sodamgood

      yes it is n i hope they find m there no way a lil boy should have to go threw this but they do everyday we the ppl should ask thet the maywood be clean up as well as the whole city something wrong sound like she sold m or kill m by mistake if she did live up to it n let the boy live n peach he going to heaven anyway u know y because u have to be like one of these lil one to enter the kigdom of heaven so pray dont trip i m sure he ok but where if that was my son i be looking day n nigth n she would tell me the truth they who invole in this will pay the price for such a lil lilife that should has the chance to live n grow up like a man be safe lil man god looking out for u

  • Bridget

    What a horrific story! As a mother my heart goes out to this little boy’s mother and family. I pray to God this little angel is returned safely. I don’t care what issues you have with a person you don’t touch their children.

  • Kristina

    I just saw this on the news, three males grabbed the mother and the child. Beat the mother then kicked her out of the car. She was all beat up. She is very worried about her little boy. They are not relatives nor anyone the mother knew.

    • Keisha

      If that's your nephew than tell her to stop lying and bring that baby home he need love he is probably scared to deaf but my prayer goes out to him and grandma may God bless you and get mama and her boyfriend some help

      From a loving and caring mother

  • Sunney Rae

    Yea, I just saw this on the news too… it is sooooo sad. My prayers definitely goes out to this family. I can't imagine this mother's pain.

  • Anonymous

    Something just doesn’t sound right about this story let’s just hope that this isn’t another Casey Anthony case … Please let this child be safe.

      • kirby1414

        I saw the news tonight – and I was feeling so bad for the baby and the family – – THEN – there seemed to be some things that folks were questioning…I'm also wondering about the step-father -We haven't seen him yet.
        Oh boy, and then when we think about Casey Anthony…puts another spin on the whole thing. I'm going to try not to think that this is anything but what has been reported. Such a cute little guy – let's all hope this has a happy ending~

      • tracey

        Sounds fishy to me also.. I think mom beat herself up cuz she did something, but I hope not!! I SO HOPE NOT! Hes too cute!

    • Trish

      I have to agree…….sounds a little fishy but lets hope for the best……..this is what society is doing to us, she may truly be a victim but such scum like Anthony and Peterson just make you jump to conclusions

      • LEOPARD


  • Smh

    I'm with you. She in a 2 door sports car with 2 stocky men and another man. She don't look small and how did they kick you out of a 2 door sports car? Was she in the front seat? I pray for the ill boy to come home.

  • too small 04

    I agree something sound very fishy about what took place, It's hard to belive that the mother has no knowlege about who grab her and her child. I do pray that this little baby be return unharm to his family because what ever his mother did, you should not hold this baby accountable, he's just a baby. So whoever has this lovey child please return him.

  • dlbalicki

    If the mom has anyting to do with it????? May she pay for what's happening to the little boy!! My prayers are with him.

  • Maria

    I've also notice the story keeps changining…first is was said that she had no idea of who the people were that took her and her son, than later they reported that she recognize them after an argument they had with her boyfriend a week ago and they were 3 hispanics, now the news says that the three Hispanics were questioned and cleared of any thing to do with this….Sooooo now what….they say theyre questioning the mother….really…lady better get her story straight and a good lawyer.

  • dramainchicago

    I just pray that this little boy is okay and returned safely. I do not want to believe that the mother has anything to do with this. With all of the killing and tragedies happening I pray God will have mercy on all of us.

  • Iris soulful

    I hope she's saying the trueth god omighty was going on in this world. There is no love or heart in this world anymore.god bless this boy and return him home safe..and if not ..may he live a forever life in the kingdom of heaven…amen.

  • sodamgood

    look pray for that boy it dont matter what she said n pray for her to i think he did something with the boy there no way some body going to pick u up n beat your ass n take the kid did u owe them money did something not rite at all n it hard for to beleave that he was kidnapp dont get it i think boy will turn up i m not counting that lil guy out yet but n my spirit something not rite they did some thing to that boy what where is he some body had to see n m get kidnap