Tech Spring Cleaning

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If you don’t feel like cleaning out your kitchen cabinets just yet, how about giving your inbox, smartphone and computer a thorough cleaning?

These websites and apps will help you do it!

Mailstrom is a relatively new service that helps you view and sort your email in new ways so that you can clean out your inbox.  You can also track patterns within your email, like where does most of your email come and which social networks clutter up your inbox the most. Mailstrom isn’t trying to replace your mailbox; it’s just trying to de-clutter it. And it does a great job at doing just that!

Even though using Mailstrom is free, it will take a few days for you to finally get your account synced with the service. It’s a startup, so be patient! Other nifty services like this include SaneBox and Inbox Pause.


This is another handy inbox de-cluttering tool, especially if you subscribe to a lot of online shopping and deal email lists. Basically, this website takes those emails and arranges them on Pinterest-style boards. Plus, it helps you find other products and online shopping deals (without signing up for yet another email.)


Screen shot from Trovebox

App free for iOs and Andorid

If you share your photos in a lot of different places — Flickr, Facebook & Instagram — this might be the app for you to store all your photos in one place. Import your photos from all of these photo sharing sites, and then you can store your photos on Trovebox or another storage site like Dropbox.

Spring is also a good time of year to:

  • Back up your hard drive
  • Change your passwords
  • Clean your screens
  • Delete unused apps

Great online resources for more tech spring cleaning tips:

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