Stanley Moore to replace Beavers as Cook County Commissioner

Cook County Democratic Committeemen selected businessman Stanley Moore Thursday to replace former Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, who was convicted of federal tax evasion charges last month.

Moore has the support of 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins, who has the most votes in the process.

Moore has had his share of controversy. He was investigated by the state Ethics Committee for allegedly campaigning on taxpayer money while he worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He was running for a state House seat at the time.

Moore denies that he did anything wrong, but he says he did not have enough money to properly refute the allegations.  He just paid a $3,000 fine in connection with the allegations.

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  • gd0287

    He is investigated by the ethics committee and then they appoint him. Unbelievable how corrupt the politicians are in this state. Should have just left Beavers there.

  • Pauly Gaultieri

    This guy Moore is just a put up stooge just like Mayor Mumbles was by Eddie V and Dick " we gotta new mayor" Mell!


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