Man dragged 1000 feet in fatal hit-and-run

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police are searching for a suspect in a hit and run that killed a man early this morning.

40-year-old Billy Taylor was taken to the hospital after been struck and dragged by a car around 4:30 this morning in the Goose Island neighborhood.

Taylor was eating with friends at the Goose Island Shrimp House and was hit after walking a friend across the street.

Surveillance footage shows the car hitting Taylor and then speeding west on Division in the Goose Island neighborhood. The driver ran a stop sign at Division and Cherry and dragged the Taylor more than 1000 feet.

Taylor was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Taylor cousin Sheldon McCorkle says the family is outraged and hoping the driver will turn themselves in soon.

“He was a good person, a family person and a good father,” McCorkle said.

Police describe the vehicle as a 2010-2013 dark blue or black Hyundai Sonata. Anyone with information was asked to call (312) 745-4521.

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  • Jack

    Somebody was commented few days ago from where I have information that 9 from 10 robbery are doing black.
    So this all crime in every day is a proof who are the king o the city.
    Yes I like some black people who are people and not who are wild animals for example Englewood south side.
    I met a lot of Good People black, i dont care color.,
    But the most of them are people lost , they don't have culture, education,they are like in Africa few hundred years ahead of civilization . They should modernize to educate and to stop killing people , and instead of killing they should start to work.

  • Gar

    Oftentimes, pedestrians don't cross at the pedestrian lane and disregard on-coming traffic. Bikers are worse because they violate every traffic rule out there. They don't stop at red lights and yet ask for more lanes and protection. Wouldn't mind seeing them get hit!

    • Cathy

      You know what…at this point it doesn't matter if it was at the light or not. This young man was a family man, God fearing man and a man who would give you the shirt off of his back! You are a VERY IGNORANT person Gar!!!!!!

    • kimberly dover

      Wat if that was u or 1 of ur family members u wouldnt hav that attitude n b4 u comment watch the footage u would see that the driver was speeding n ran a stop sign prior to hitting him so it was the driver in the wrong n not the pedestrain. U must b 1 of those careless reckless driver

    • MsPretty704

      I agree. I share a special fondness since i bear his 1st Born Son who is now 23 years old. To me, this is not a freak accident. It's a murder. and It's now personal because someone took my son's father away and murdered every facet of people's hearts, goals and loyal connections. Billy was special. Smart and Kind. He's helped many young Altheltes families grow and be successful. This is a Huge Loss for the Taylors and Many Who knew him. RIP he is definately with God now.

  • rightisrightandwrongiswrong

    ppl are ignorant and they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes…….we were all born to die ,,,know you tell me who better.. white ppl shot ppl, white ppl are on drugs, white ppl are homeless,white ppl are on wel fare , a lot of white ppl dont work,….white ppl mimic erthing we do…we was the ones who ran ur house and raised ur children taught u how to season ur food…

  • kimberly dover

    There r some ignorant people in this world n those of u that r postin negative remarks r some of them. No one deserves to hav their life taken like that n color does not matter. Yes my nephew was a family n community man he did alot of good in many young men lives to keep them on track. Rip Billy u wil neva b 4gotten