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Man accused of kicking his dog

Elgin police are looking for a man accused of animal cruelty.

Gregory R. Griffin, 38, faces two misdemeanor charges after witnesses told police they saw him kicking his dog while its head was stuck in a door.

The dog had fractures to both hind legs and needed surgery to repair the damage.

The six-month-old dog was named “Liberty” by animal control officers.

After about eight weeks of recuperation, “Liberty” will be placed for adoption by the Golf Rose Animal Shelter in Schaumburg.

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  • Joymar

    Mr. Griffin: Hope they find you (and they will!) and you get the maximum sentence/fine allowable by law.
    You are a big brave man kicking a puppy that is not even able to run away. You are sick and if you have a wife/children, I hope they get as far from you as possible, because Mr. Brave Griffin is capable of doing this to them! Mr Griffin, to sum it up: You are a coward and you disgust me and many others!


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