From Washington to West Englewood: How will the gun control compromise help?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A compromise has been reach between two senators in the gun control debate.

The agreement has to do with background checks when it comes to buying a gun. Senators Joe Manchin, a Democrat, and Pat Toomey, a Republican, have found common ground expanding background checks beyond licensed firearms dealers to include gun shows and internet sales.

No one knows more about much needed gun legislation than the kids at Harper High School in Chicago’s West Englewood neighborhood.  Nearly 30 former or current students from here were shot in the last year.  8 of them died. First Lady Michelle Obama visited the school today after her speech at the Hilton.

The consequences of new proposed gun legislation couldn’t be more real to hundreds of kids at the school who are faced with fears of gunfire every day. As the First Lady made her mission clear to them today, the residents of West Englewood remain left behind after she leaves.  They are simply hoping change in Washington will mean change for them on the streets.

While the proposed bill has yet to be discussed on the senate floor, critics say current laws aren’t  weak, the people enforcing them are.

The NRA and its supporters in Congress say the Democratic proposals threaten the constitutional right to bear arms, and also offer ineffective responses intended as political show instead of real solutions to the problem of gun violence in America.

“On firearms questions, on Second Amendment questions, there’s a divide in this country,” NRA President David Keene told CNN. “To call it an ideological divide is too simple because it’s a cultural divide. When something happens, the on the other side from us say, ‘well the problem’s the gun, we need to do something about guns.’”

Debate could start in the Senate as soon as Thursday.

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  • kirby1414

    So how are King Rahm and Michelle going to get all of the gang banging killers in Chicago to register their guns??? Maybe a free lunch – taxpayer paid -of course! Or maybe a basketball game – Father Pfleger will be glad to organize that – with Jesse Jackson helping, of course~

  • Wisconsinite

    Conceal Carry and I bet your murder rate decreases or at least some bad guys get what they deserve. That's right Illinois is the only state without Conceal Carry, SORRY, never mind then

  • Todd Pardee

    So the thought is, that these gang banging thugs who currently get their guns illegally, will no longer get their guns illegally because of a new law? Color me skeptical!
    If you want to change the constitution, why don’t you change the part that allows these thugs to congregate on the street corners selling dope and ho’s? How come I can see them but the Chicago Police cannot?

  • Dr. Englewood

    I work with these "Thugs" in Englewood every day. Of course they don't get their guns legally. I wish people (those replying and those writing articles) would try to know a little bit more about what is going on at the street level before offering their ingenious proposals.
    Bottom line, GUN CONTROL IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO HELP GET RID OF THE VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO and NEITHER IS CONCEALED CARRY. Give me a break. Oh, and the people thinking concealed carry would help them are probably the ones who would never set foot in Englewood (or half the other neighborhoods of Chicago) without pissing their pants.
    I wish both sides of this debate would find another rallying point than Chicago's violence.