Caught on tape: Shots fired, store owners fight back during robbery

A Logan Square shop owner and his family members fought for their lives last night during an armed robbery which was caught on tape.

62-year-old  Louis Quizhpe  was shot at nine times by a man trying to rob him.  He was hit once in the right inner thigh, the bullet barely missing an artery.

Two African American men came into Louis’ souvenir shop in  the 2200 block of N Western Ave looking for cash.  One of the men pulled a gun on his Louis’s nephew while the other walked behind the counter to get to the register.

The gunchi-surveillance-video-man-injured-in-logan-square-robberyman fired at Louis but shot his accomplice accidentally in the upper body.

Louis grabbed a bat and started swinging as the gunman continued to fire.

Louis hit the gun wielding robber several times in the upper body and the head. His brother-in-law threw a stool and then a fire extinguisher at the suspects.

The men are reportedly in their 40’s, one about 5’10” with a gray goatee.  The other is 6’1 or 6’2 and walked with a limp.

No one is in custody at this time.

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  • Gary

    How did they know they were "african americans" by just looking at the video? Have they been Caught and asked their nationality?
    If not, they could have been African, or Jamaican or French. Hey, maybe they were just "blacks".
    In the OJ trial, the limo driver said that he saw "a black man walking across the lawn". The Prosecuter, Marcia Whats-her-name said, "so he was African American?". He answered, "how would I know that?". (political correctness gone stupid.) Same here.

  • contrarian

    The store owner acted with incredible bravery as the one armed thug came back repeatedly trying to kill him. And how outrageous that MA has stripped its law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms. Once again, in restrictive states like NY, NJ, IL, CA, and MA, it's only the criminals and police who have the guns. And it's only the criminals who are on the scene.

  • CCW

    Glad that the store owners will be ok… But you get the Government that you deserve. You want concealed carry? Vote the libs/socialists out!

  • Joey Peeps

    There is only one way to deal with this and it's been around since time began. You fight fire with fire and eliminate these low-life dirtbag brush apes from society.


  • Feech LaManna

    The glaring abject stupidity of liberals is evidenced here. Is the cause of this a people problem or a gun problem?

    If the store owner had been armed and killed the scumbag this wouldn't have made page 54.

  • Emily

    Oh my god! We was just there few days ago, the owner is so nice. He had to buzzed them in cause its not open you have to get buzzed in, I can't believe this happened to him. He's a really nice man. I hope he's ok and recovers well. In shock may god bless him and his family

  • Shaking My Head

    Dumbest criminals caught on tape!!
    It is outrageous that animals like that are running the streets!!
    Thank God the clown shooting could not hit anybody but his idiot partner in crime, its too bad the owner did not have an full size aluminum bat to crack his head like an eggshell.

  • Martientje

    Those kind of people makes me so MAAAAAAAD !! lock them up & never be free again !!!! Ruin others lives…try to get a job and earn ur own money instead of robbing those poor hard working people !!

  • maddmen24

    things like this.been going on since i was im 38.things just are getting worst in chicago.not better.after all my friends were murdered.i had to go.enough was enough.ive seen people shot.i even told the police who did it..i even pick the person out in a line no what they did.they tell the perp family my keep in name was suppose to be anoymous.only the police suppose of known my days chid mother come to me and say.why i tell the police on her like what.she says she sent my name on a possible winess i had to tell the truth yes i did and why.after 5yrs her we beefing over what i thought was right thing to do.was summ what the wrong thing to do.SO GET OUTTA CHICAGO….while u can..

  • TK1

    Most bar/liquor store owners in Chicago have a gun and/or basbeall bat under the bar/counter and have operated this way for years. The mom and pop retail stores need to take the same approach regardless of the bullsh*t gun laws in Chicago. You better believe that this shop owner will be well armed the next time and the one idiot robber who wanted to kill him by re-attacking him multiple times may come back again. Regardless of your politics or personal beliefs, gun crime will not stop until and unless thugs have to think about whether their potential victim is armed or not.

  • TK1

    Concealed gun laws will not fully solve the problem. Instead we all need (by our own personal choice) to be able to carry and visibly display our weapon. Or, if you choose to conceal it, that's fine too. Either way, the criminals will know that they may be retaliated against. And, when potential victims display their weapons, the criminals WILL "think" before they attack, because it's very obvious that they may be in a gunfight with a more skilled shooter and they have the chance of losing their life if they decide to challenge. Call this scenario the Wild West if you like, but if you know something about history as opposed to what you see in the movies, you know that the Wild West was relatively safe and there were very few gunfights. Everyone had a weapon and they proudly and confidently displayed it.

  • John C

    If Chicago only had a law that prevented people from owning guns, Oh wait they do. This is typical of draconian gun laws, only the bad guns have guns. I am a retired NYC detective and I can tell you gun laws don't work, they only disarm the victims, the innocent people. When will you people learn! The police can't be everywhere at once, you are the last line of defense for yourself and you family. A person who is going to risk committing a Robbery or a Murder for which they can receive a 20 plus year sentence, or in some cases the death penalty, don't give a damb about gun laws! The only people restrictive gun laws help are the criminals, who have an easier time committing a crime against an unarmed person, and the politicians who can pretend to be doing something while they are actually making things worse by making it easier for the criminal to commit crimes with their irresponsible gun laws. These laws are an out and out violation of the United States Constitution. You people need to demand that the government follow the Constitution before they take the rest of your rights away.

  • bobanmebrudder

    It's time they started to report a better description of the robbers. Next time they should have a weapon on the premises: Oh I forgot, Chicago is against the GOOD PEOPLE HAVING WEAPONS,

  • john deluna

    So we can celebrate Louis kicking their butts. I guess big black guys are not as tough as they want us to believe. It also helps in identifying the them if you see them on the streets.

  • Mike

    The same reason people need to know their height, age, and other appearance characteristics that are mentioned in the report.

  • JimmyD

    Because in every American city, the perpetrators of violent crime (especially gun crime) are overwhelmingly African American. They should not be protected by political correctness. African Americans who are not criminal need to ostracize those who are; otherwise they suffer unduly because of the correct perception that African Americans commit violent crime out of all proportion their percentage of the population.

  • Eddie

    You're right…..after so many of these robberies and the track record of who's committing them ..why bother mentioning's a given ! Or…you can always check the ratios of races in prison. People lie..numbers don't !

  • Pasty White Guy.

    Maybe because attempted murder , attempted robbery (along with many other things….) these thugs are guilty of in this short clip are actually criminal offenses. Since they are not currently in custody, I would certainly hope that the most accurate description of the perpetrators would be disseminated, which yes, would include race, regardless of what it may be. I suspect you would not be offended if this same news story reported them as white males, not black. Me, I don't care about skin colour. All of societies trash should be locked up regardless of colour. These guys included. Attempted or succsessful, anyone willing to kill another person for a little bit of cash doesn't deserve to see the sun rise again. Race doesn't enter the equation in my world. Sorry it does yours.

  • Mary Lou

    Ug, hate that term "African American" – contradictory isn't it? American refers to a person's current citizenship versus ethnicity – for a description of appearance it should just be black, white, Asian, etc.

  • Bob Richards

    As they said on Dragnet, long ago. "Just the facts, mam, just the facts." I'm glad to know it wasn't a white man or a Mexican.

    I once read a news story on air where I said that two Mexicans in a low riding Chevy robbed a liquor store…

    Alistener called and complained. He asked I how I knew they were Mexicans. they could have been Filipino. "Driving a low-riding Chevy," I asked. He hung up.

  • Mel

    Uh…so the police would know who they were looking for. Seriously?? Someone from Chicago, the Murder capitol of the world would ask that question

  • Mark

    No, it was obvious. I could ve guessed it when I read the headlines. This goes along with the same thugs that go tearing up stores…..same thing!

  • brassia

    You are right! It is rather obvious without even mentioning…99.9% of the time, isn't it????
    Why , are you one of those thugs as well?

  • George R. Horn

    Why is giving a description of the scumbags such a bad idea, they sure as hell weren't Caucasian, or Asian or Hispanic. Your question makes me think you would like to turn this into a race thing, so be it why is it that most of the violent crime nowadays appears to be done by Blacks? Care to address that issue, hell I live in the East NY area of NY in a primarily Black area and Black on Black crime is over the top.

  • Mark

    Because it is one of the identifying characteristics of the robbers who I assume are on the loose. Why was it mentioned that one had a white goatee and one walked with a limp? Maybe so a member of the public will be able to identify these losers on the street.

  • Realist

    You're right, why would anyone need to know they were black. Or even that they were male, their height, possibly age and known injuries.
    The media must be getting less PC and more racist by accurately describing suspects of an armed robbery/attempted murder.

  • RonSpectre

    Because we cant keep sweeping the statistics under the rug THATS why! The majority of inner city crime is black on black with young black men being the highest percentage of perps. LIke it or not, Black Americans have problem in their house! And its NOT the fault of White Americans! I am tired of that old line. If you want to blame it on anyone, blame it on the Liberal Democrats who have kept Black Americans in a hole from which they cannot climb out for decades. THEY are the target, not store owners! THEY are the ones to whom you owe your circumstance, NOT neighborhood store owners trying to eke out a living.
    You cannot solve a problem without knowing WHO is committing the crimes.. So too bad if you think its racist. The truth is not racist. Facts are not racist.
    Deal with it.

  • The Rukh

    Criminals come in all shapes, sizes & colors. Let's not get sidetracked by racist rhetoric; the problem is…they're criminals & the government is depriving the citizens of their God-given right to armed self-defense.

  • Guest

    It is relevant for crime statistics
    They are 12% of the population and commit 60% of the violent crime and 80% of the murders

    When people finally acknowledge that something is dreadfully wrong in the blak community then something might be done to improve the situation

    Covering it up is like putting a bandaid on a melanoma

  • bill

    Hey Chicagoan we are fed up with 49 to 1 black on white crime. This "you can´t mention the race of the perps" thing has us white people fed up-we are on the receiving end of the NEW KKK -black people victimizing whites.

    What part of racial discrimination and abuse dont you get?

  • Eclectic Infidel

    Because the facts are important and as the video feed shows, the criminals are, in fact, African American. I think it is always appropriate to state, when known, the assailants race, approximate age, gender and so on. When it comes to crime, political correctness has no place.

  • winston cornwall

    You mean we all should have known without being told or
    you mean it's beside the point when police are asking the public to help try to find the perps?

  • Barry

    Everyone wants to be known by where they are supposedly from. Irish American, Asian American, Native American and even African American. Except when they commit a crime…then it's racist. You putz.

  • DSC

    I know, isn't it just too awful that the news should report the facts about the race of the perps. We wouldn't want anyone to think that black people do these types of things, would we? How about the part where the story states: "no one is in custody at this time." Perhaps we should all be on the lookout for old white guys, or Asians, or women, or anyone but black males? We'd have a far better chance of apprehending the actual guilty duo if we did, wouldn't we?

  • radtec

    sorta helps 'describe' the robbers dontchya think? What good is it to tell the general public to be on the look out for 'two men', approx X feet tall?

  • JapesMacfarland

    Every time it's a white who acts the evil fool in doing something like this, their so called 'race' is mentioned. Near never is it pointed out, though, if the person is black. That's because the Left uses the perceived minority status of blacks, to capitalize on compassion for power. We see how well they've done for the black community, now that the Left has near 100% controlled these communities, education and families for over forty years now! ;)

  • Elmo

    Yes if the store owner had a gun , the armed robber would be dead and deservedly so. He was lucky the robber was probably high and could not make a shot. Unfortunately for this store owner these thugs will be back, not to rob he tor but to kill him. I hope he would have a gun by then

  • tonytexas

    The shop owner was extremely lucky to not be dead…..Your an idiot for thinking you can face a gun wielding criminal with a bat and win…….i have ever stared down the barrel of a loaded gun in the hands of an idiot criminal… realize real quick that your life is over by a simple flinch of a finger….It's the most helpless feeling in the word……your girlfriend kidnapped from you side, raped and left for dead…..did gun control stop that? would any gun control law stop any gun crime committed by these idiot criminals? NO! After that happened I went through a background check, purchased a handgun, took NRA classes on gun safety and use. Applied for and was granted a conceal carry permit….I will never be victimized again, no one will ever drag away my wife and rape her as I stand helplessly….You live in a freaking bubble…You obviously don't live or work in south Chicago or any of the other crime ridden areas of the United States……Go be a lamb led in slaughter if you want…I won't ever be in that situation again…..

  • writerronlewis

    LOL, "grammatical education." If you're thinking about quitting your day job to become a grammatical educator, you might reconsider.

  • westcoastpatriette

    Jack 100% correct! I will put this caveat in for you when you wrote: "ONE DAY AFRO AMERICAN THEY WILL START killing everybody on the street…"
    Jack, trust me — THEY won't get very far in that kind of effort if it ever came to be!

  • sad but true

    National numbers according to Dept of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics, black Americans murder other people at a rate 8 times that of white Americans.

    This ratio has been very constant for decades.

  • the stats

    Statistics show that more than half of all violent crimes are committed by blacks, yet they make up only 13% of the population and that figure includes black children

  • Mark Lastname

    No it isn't, you just need a FOID card from the state and should (but don't have to by law) follow certain guidelines it states. It's illegal to conceal ur weapon in public but that will be changing too soon…

    Perfectly fine to own guns in Chicago. We own 5.

  • moron

    Thought Chicago prohibited guns! How did these bad guys get guns, the good guys without guns! We need to outlaw guns so no good citizens get guns! Barry O

  • brassia

    Yea, and the FGOUSA today supported the gun bill just because there is so much gun violence in her own town of Chicago! Makes lot of sense, doesn't it?…Just like everything the DESTROYER-In-Chief is doing for our country

  • brassia

    I do hope they had complete background check ( like it says in a new gun bill) before they obtained their weapons!…end of sarc….

  • Paul davis

    How bout a background check on eric holder. Barry just keeps him around to keep everyone from noticing how stupid pelosi is

  • Don

    The problem would be far less if people would have quit voting for these idiot Liberals in this country, especially in Cities like Chicago and Detroit at least 30 years ago.

  • Dave

    I think the point is that ome's posts are really hard to read and, therefore, understand. It's not the grammar but the content and word usage that makes it hard to follow.

  • Roger

    Have you considered just ignoring rumors against Christians?
    Wee, that comment really was the type a small little man would make. One that perhaps doesn't have any visible neck…?

  • Roger

    I'm not the one advocating for violence and jihad.

    24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO

  • Roger

    Quote me or you own me an apology.

    You have positions that look for the most violent solution to almost every problem. Even summary executions of some suspects before trial. Attacking that is the decent thing to do.

  • WTE

    Again with the lies. I am not a muslium loyal troll. YOU said what you said and can't deny it or change the context like you want.That is your second lie you told today

  • WTE

    Roger 168p • 49 minutes agoAttacking you for just about anything is the only decent thing to do.So you will attack me for just aboutanything? Walking across the street is enough for you to declare jihad on me.

  • Roger

    When you advocate for violence attacking that position is a decent thing to do.

    Wee, you don't realize how your pro violence sharia loyalty is out of mainstream in the western thinking US.


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