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The early story this week for the Cubs has been a quiet offense and very good pitching.  The Cubs are hitting .133 as a team, but the pitching staff is only giving up a .158 average.  And the result has been a 2-2 record through the first four games.  It’s hard to click on all cylinders in this game and while we’ve seen solid work from the starting pitchers (except for Scott Feldman’s sub-par debut last night) and the entire bullpen (save for Carlos Marmol), the defense has been up and down (Darwin Barney’s absence has been noticeable on the infield) and the offense has been mostly down.  It’s the kind of trip during which you just hope to grind out a .500 record and head home for a nice long stay.  The Cubs have that opportunity with one win over the next two days.


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  • Grace Mendez

    We'll be there for the opener! Bringing my dad (an in-the-womb Cub fan), John E. Wright, Sr., with the crowd from Dubuque, IA, and!