Safety concerns over smart meters

A class action lawsuit has been filed against ComEd for failing to install smart meters on Chicago`s South and West sides.

The project was supposed to be done by the end of the year– now the plan is 2015. The change is cutting into savings for customers which is why the lawsuit. While ‘they’ want the meters– there are others who are fighting it.

In Naperville, it has been going on for years and they point to safety issues.

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  • Todd Pardee

    What a nut job this lady is! It’s not the meter that causes fires, its the electricity. Cut her off of the grid!


    Does she use a cell phone? Garage door opener ? Remote control on the TV? Remote car starter? This crack pot needs something else to do with her time! She claims to know all about this stuff, but fails to have even a basic understanding of what a “utility easement” is so she tries to get the workers arrested, but gets the rap herself……


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