Chicago’s Very Own: WVON

Chicago’s first all-African-American radio station WVON 1690AM is celebrating 50 years of being on the air.

Micah Materre has the story.

WVON: It’s one of Chicago’s Very Own.

For more information about WVON, go to

You can also follow WVON on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Robert Goins

    WVON got my started in my 40 year career in radio! Visiting Chicago in the summer of 1966, not knowing what a Soul station was being from Lynchburg, Va, I wanted to start one there! I did….Read the story at:, and click on WKKD in the page black & white section.

  • Lynnette Crane

    I really appreciate that my Daddy " Bill" Butterball Crane and others are finally getting their due respect for their amazing accomplishments with WVON. Personally I can remember very fondly daddy taking us kids to work with him and showing us "what daddy" do for a living and loving it.

    Daddy your looking good as always and I love you with every fiber of me and all I pray for daily is that I can be half the woman of the man you are. Thank you WVON and WGN for sharing one of Chicago's Very Own.


    Lynnette Leigh Crane