DeKalb man expected to plead guilty in murder of NIU freshman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man from DeKalb is expected to plead guilty Wednesday to a high-profile murder, two and a half years ago.

NIU freshman Antinette “Toni” Keller was raped, murdered and her body set on fire and dumped in DeKalb’s Prairie Park in October of 2010.

William Curl was to have faced trial April 11 for Keller’s murder.

By pleading guilty, Curl will accept a 37-year prison sentence with no hope of parole, and no time off for good behavior.

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  • bubba

    Is the justice system that bad where you kill a person and you only get 37 years. Bring back the damn death penalty and get some justice done.

  • One that knows

    I really hope someone kills a family member of the people who make these deals with murderers. 37 years for raping, killing, and setting a kid on fire. What a sick joke that sentence and justice system are.

  • Louisa

    I just feel sick for the family of this young girl. 37 years is like an additional punch in the gut to them after this horror they've endured.


    Even more pathetic, it costs on average $25,000 a year for keeping 1 person in prison. So this loser will get 37 years, and cost the hard working people of Illinois $925,000. It costs less than $100 for the lethal injection drugs and since he is pleading guilty, I am sure the family will have no problem parting with the $100!

  • arubatom

    So this piece of trash destroys this beautiful young person's life, her family and friend's lives, and gets 37 years!!!! Death penalty should have never been abolished but of course George "the felon" Ryan and whimpy Quinn saw to that. I'm hoping Todd Pardee is correct in his posting. This guy is nothing but a rabid animal!!!