4 charged after teen fatally shot in living room

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police announced today the deadly shooting of a northwest Indiana teenager was part of a gang initiation.

Kevin Brown, Joshua Addison; Anthony Addison Jr. and Matthew Knight are charged with murder and criminal gang activity.

They are accused of killing 14-year-old Depree Mims March 27th.

The boy was with his family in the living room of their Merrillville home when bullets flew through the window last week.

Police say six shots were fired and one of them struck Depree in the head.

Detectives say the victim was a good boy with no gang ties, but a gang member seeking retaliation for a robbery thought the robber lived in the house.

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  • Charteia Woodard

    I find this very disturbing and ridiculous because they assumed an innocent boy has lost his life that's a shame.

  • jndawgg

    I love it when white boys try to join a posse!
    Here's a little secret for all you white suburban boys out there who think they gangsta: You gotta do dis initiation **it! But, if you a brutha, you automatically in by birthright! If you do make it, you only gonna be OUR n****rs: Get my 40 oz., boy! Get my food, boy! I wanna new gat! Go cap a cop, boy! Drive the sled, boy!
    Sad and funny at the same time!

  • Corey

    @jndawgg- you sound like a very ignorant racist "brutha" that hates white people. I feel people like you make the world do terrible acts such as this. And also african american people that act like that wonder why so many white people still do not care for their ignorance, I'm not saying all blacks act like you but the majority act like something is to be proven with how they act. I love it when you ignorant jerks goto prison for life so the "white suburban boys" dont. Quit being lazy go get your own 40 oz, go get a job so you can afford your own food and "gat". You go cap yourself instead of someone trying to make an honest living, also maybe a license so you can drive your own "sled" if you can afford one.. And last time I heard us white people were never your n****rs, it was the other way around. So you are sad and funny at the same time!

  • Anonymous

    It dont matter if your white, black, hispanic, chinese, purple, orange this violence needs to stop.I am 23 years old very sick of hearing someone being killed everyday.What is the world coming to.People need to learn to stay in school get a damn education and stay off these streets!!!And these racist comments need to be put to end as well.Go to church and get some jesus in your LIVES!!

    • sharong4

      I agree. People take color to a whole different level. We know where the term N _ _ _ _ _ s originated. But most of the whites have never looked in the dictionary to find the meaning of the word. This younger generation is in a shambles. Only God can save them because they cannot save themselves unless they sit down and take a good look at the direction their life is taking. let us pray for our future leaders.

  • rich

    This gun thing n shooting is spreading across all color lines, when we realize its all our problem then we can fix it,a black kid killing another innocent black kid, is the same as a white kid shooting up his class mates or movie patrons, the young generation is in love with violence, because of rap n play station don’t think for second that white kids don’t listen to rap

  • Charteia

    The person that’s going back and forth with the black guy that comment didn’t make you no better than him you just ass ignorant as he is I would go there but im not an ignorant black woman so im gone let God deal with you all so sad this racist mess still exists y’all really need to do better.