Lunchbreak: Family style chicken from Gather

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4539 N. Lincoln Ave.

Family Style Chicken


For brining:
1 whole chicken
1 gallon cold water
3/4 cup salt
1/4 cup sugar

For cooking:
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 head garlic
1 sprig thyme
2 cups chicken stock
salt and pepper


1/2 pound green asparagus
1 gallon water (for boiling)
1 cup ice in 2 quarts of water (for the ice bath)
1 Tbs butter, unsalted
1 lemon, juiced and zested
salt and pepper to taste

Begin by brining the chicken the day before you plan to serve it. Mix a gallon of cold water with ¾ cup of salt and ¼ cup of sugar. Place the whole chicken in the brine and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
Carve the breasts off the bone and then de-bone the legs and thighs. Heat a heavy-bottom pot on high heat and liberally season the chicken legs and thighs with salt and pepper.  Sear on high heat for 2 minutes on each side.  Lower the heat and then add ½ cup of dry white wine, and cook until the wine is reduced by half. Add one head of garlic, a sprig of thyme and 2 cups of chicken stock.  Bring to a boil and then simmer, covered, for 45 minutes.  Remove the chicken from the pan and let cool for 25 minutes.  Remove the skin from the chicken and discard, and begin to shred the chicken leg meat with a fork. Set shredded meat aside and reserve for later use.

For the asparagus:
Cut off the bottom 1/4th of the stalk and discard.  Peel the asparagus and set aside.  Bring a gallon of water to a boil and add salt.  Boil the asparagus for 2 minutes and then place them in ice water to stop the cooking process and retain a beautiful green color.  Remove from the ice water bath after 1 minute.  In a sauté pan, melt together the butter, lemon juice and lemon zest.  Swirl the ingredients until they become thick and creamy.  Add the asparagus and season with salt and pepper.  Keep warm until final plating.

Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper and pan sear in a sauté pan on very high heat with a little olive oil, about 2 minutes. Turn the heat down to medium-low and continue to cook for about 5 minutes.  Flip the chicken over and cook for 4 minutes more.  Remove the chicken from the pan and let it rest for 5 minutes.

While it is resting, warm up the chicken leg meat and the asparagus. Place the asparagus on a serving dish or platter, then top with the chicken leg meat. Finally, slice the chicken breast and arrange the slices like shingles across the chicken leg meat.

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  • Diane Bernhardt

    It's been painful to watch Courtney _____ this past week (hopefully she's just an emergency substitute on mid day news) . One of the worst news readers I've ever witnessed. I almost gave up on WGN!!1