Guilty verdict in Johnsburg murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mario Casciaro has been found guilty in the murder of  Johnsburg teenager Brian Carrick.

Carrick was last seen in 2002 at the grocery store where he worked with Casciaro.

This was the third trial for Casciaro; he was acquitted of perjury in the case five years ago.  His first murder trial ended in a hung jury last year.

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  • mragain

    And AGAIN, another one of society's miscreants gets free room, board, clothes, sex, drugs, food, entertainment, education, health care, and a job all thanks to former governor Ryan abolishing the death penalty!
    That's O.k., Mr. Quinn! We the little people are picking up the tab AGAIN as if we had a choice!

    • Youreanidiot

      Youd want to see people put to the death penalty under circumstantial evidence and without a body to be found? YOU are what is wrong with this country. You must either be some dumb kid or an ignorant redneck who also whines about taxes and your guns. Have any idea how expensive it is to keep someone on death row? Of course you don't.

  • unknown

    I know him personally n he is not a bad guy

    . I teally think they have the wrong guy just have no one else to blame. The kid was selling drugs if that’s the path u choose then u have with the after math. N in this case death. Its sad. The whole situation is messed up. But i think Mario got his the fingers pointed at him because they are a strong Italian family. Just a thought.

  • Kelly

    The one that delivered the fatal blow is walking free… They had to close the case so lets just pin it on Mario! Mario is a sweetheart! The whole family are wonderful people! Justice was NOT served!