Len & JD’s Baseball Blog: Shark Tale

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Happy Opening Day from Pittsburgh!

It’s cold today, but looks like we will be OK weather-wise.

Jeff Samardzija goes for the Cubs and it will be his first outing since a complete game effort in this very ballpark to end his season last year.  The reins have been removed this season and I expect him to go over 200 innings, assuming he can take the ball 32-33 times.

It’s been one crazy journey for the former Notre Dame football star.

We didn’t know if he could be a consistent big league pitcher, let alone a starter, let alone an ace.  But it’s a credit to his will, competitive nature and work ethic that he has gotten to this point.

The intangibles have always been there and I am personally really happy for him because he got here the right way and has done everything the way you’d hope a budding team leader would.

I will also say this–he is not a guy who will rest on merely saying he’s an Opening Day starter.

He wants to be the best and I see All-Star appearances in his near future.  And hopefully a World Series appearance or two as well.


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1 Comment

  • marilyn

    Happy opening day! Good luck with your new broadcast partner, it's nice having a pitchers point of view, also us fans watching have the luxury of being able to turn the game off you don't. You are one of the best play by play guys good luck to you & jd and the entire Cubs organization.
    When you need to fill air time talk a little about you family especially your kids, just a suggestion.
    All the best this season!