Services held today for state trooper killed in car crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A wake was held tonight for a state trooper who was killed in the line of duty last week.

28-year-old James Sauter was in his squad car last Thursday, sitting on the shoulder of southbound I-294 in Glenview.

A semitrailer truck hit him from behind, causing both vehicles to burst into flames.

Sauter’s fellow troopers greeted mourners in full dress uniform as they arrived at the moraine valley church.

Sauter’s funeral is set for Tuesday at 11 a.m.  at that same church.

The head of the 100 Club of Chicago presented trooper Sauter’s wife with a $15,000 check on Friday.

In a few weeks she will receive another $35,000 from the organization– a bit of help for the young widow, whose husband lost his life doing the job he loved.

The 28-year-old was killed late Thursday night on Interstate 294 near Willow Road when a semi-truck hit him from behind. Both vehicles burst into flames and the young trooper died at the scene.

The truck driver has been cited with improper lane usage, Bond said.
The investigation is ongoing.
It was still not known why the truck driver, who Bond declined to identify, did not see Sauter.

Bond said it was not known if further charges could be filed because authorities have not finished reconstructing the site of the crash.

They’re hoping to determine how fast the truck was going and why the crash happened.

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  • local714guy

    These NON-UNION trucking companies hire these drivers (for only a few cents a mile) with brains the size of a poppy seed and could barely speak, let alone read English…And those are the drivers from the U.S.! A lot of them come from driving "schools" (that are only a few weeks long) and still do not know their left from their right!

    • Guest

      I in fact know the driver. He is well educated and I know for a FACT that the only language he knows is English! He is also extremely smart and has had plenty time behind the wheel of a semi. Don't be so quick to judge his actions when you have no idea the circumstances.

  • Glenview Resident

    That's a rather rash comment given that we know absolutely nothing about the truck driver Involved. Do you have inside info that this driver was a non-Englsh speaking, unskilled driver with a pea brain? While the scenario you describe could be the case, how about you use your pea-sized brain to focus on some education and anger management courses, and get over your entitlement issues.