New $25 gun tax takes effect in Cook County today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new tax on gun sales in Cook County takes effect Monday.

$25 will now be added to every gun sale in the county.

That tax is aimed at curbing taxpayer expenses linked to gun violence, including health care for gunshot victims and jail, and court costs for criminals.

A group of firearms dealers and gun owners have filed a lawsuit to stop the collection of the tax.

They say it violates their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

The county expects the new tax to generate an additional $600,000 this year.

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  • Dan

    I used to complain about the Pols themselves, now I realize it's the voters who are the idiots for voting these morons into office in the first place!

  • the truth hurts

    I'm sure all the thugs that have purchased their guns from a guy in a parking lot at 2:30 in the morning will be jumping on the CTA, or the Metro, or bumming a ride with their cousin to get right on down to fork over their $25.00 to be legit gun owners.

    • Richard Jackson

      Dupage County is closer and has quality gun shops. We would love the revenue that Cook County apparently wants to send our way!

  • MrCrabs

    This is yet another way to send businesses and jobs out of the county. The dolts in Springfield are busy finding ways to send manufacturers and jobs out of the state. Springfield Armory, Armalite, Rock River Arms, DA Arms…all employ people. They all make arms for the military market and the civilian market. Is it any wonder that Illinois is such a looser state?

  • Caligula

    I stopped shopping for anything in Cook county years ago. I'm very sorry this is going to effect the gun shops there and hopefully an injunction can put a stop to this b.s. by the crooks of the county.

  • Legal gun owner

    So let me see if I understand. This tax will be used for healthcare of gunshot victims, jail and court costs for criminals. But it is the lawful citizen purchasing the gun that has to pay this tax? What kind of I D I O T S are running Chitcago and crook county???