Nearly 30 arrested in Mag Mile disturbance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police arrested nearly 30 people along the Michigan Ave and on-board a CTA train Saturday night.

About half of those arrested are under age 18.

Police say they bumped into people on sidewalks, blocked sidewalks and stopped traffic on the streets around Superior and Erie last night.

They’re charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.

Witnesses say four teens attacked a man and broke his nose on Dearborn and Chicago Ave.

11 teens attacked two women aboard a train at the State and Lake CTA station.

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  • Will

    @ holdfast2 ^human race. Don't act like white kids don't behave like this, or asian, or hispanic. This has to do with having negligent parents guardians, and bad influences and being incompetent. If that was the case i could sit here and say ONLY and ALL white kids commit mass shootings. Ignorance runs in all races! Intelligence runs in all races! This is why Chicago shouldn't close schools!! spring break should be a privilege. Kids/Teens don't need a spring break!

    • Tired of the Morons

      True Asians don't act like this. Asian-Americans perhaps. True Mexicans won't either. Gringos perhaps also. Pure Africans not either. Afrian-Americans definitely! Anytime you place any person in this setting, they turn into monsters like you.

  • Ismael padill

    I somewhat agree with the last post. But lets be real, Yes most mass shootings and serial killers are caucasion. Thats just a statistics whether you like it or not. Now we can only judge by what we see without having every single crime report in ot hands. A month ago there was mass caos at 79 and cicero with a rap group showed up and teens got out of control. Same as today. We associate mass crime with black people just as society has linked every illigal as a mexican. And yes crime comes in all shapes, creeds, sizes, but when one mass creates the caos it is what it is. You mean to tell me that every single news outlet is racist because most the crime on the 9 oclock news are black. Tommorow night sit down with a pencil and paper and you do thr math. I too wish for peace but im tired of chicago being such a mess.

    • Gramarella

      I agree with you post. It is not black kids who are doing all of these mass shootings in schools, theatres, etc. Don't ever believe that violent video games aren''t a piece of the problem. Along with mental health issues. Lack of positive parenting in many cases. The sense of entitlement is also a problem. School indoctrination. I could go on and on…

  • kirby1414

    How about a detention camp for these thugs? Until you lock them up – – They will keep killing, shooting and robbing the people of Chicago. And the tourist trade will end…I live about 25 miles from Chicago, and my family and I used to go to the city- Michigan Avenue area at least once a month to shop, eat, etc. THAT HAS STOPPED – – We now go to Oakbrook, Northbrook and Skokie. Free parking, great food and shopping and guess what???? Not much to worry about when it comes to crime….I'm sure that we are NOT the only ones that have stopped coming to the city.
    KING RAHM and his 'boys' are going to have to decide: Pander to the gangs or do the right thing!!

    • Gramarella

      Am I the only one who thought it was odd at the time Emanuel left his post in O's administration to run for mayor of Chicago? Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but are at the bottom of the list for ENFORCING these laws. Thanks, Rahm.

  • kirby1414

    What would happen if when these PUNK SOON TO BE KILLERS were arrested – like on the Mag Mile yesterday – The parents would have their welfare benefits STOPPED? Let them figure out what to do then….Maybe they would suddenly become interested in what their gang banging offspring are up to!

    • brook1212

      Ignorant comment…bet you don't realize more whites get BENEFITS than anyone you have no CLUE about that huh?

      • Gramarella

        You may be right with your comment, however, that is not true over the years. Now, with all of the unemployment, people have to depend upon the state. That is only true in very recent years.

  • kirby1414

    Below is a quote from the Chgo Trib re: the women attacked on the Red LIne:

    "I put my head down between my legs so they would stop beating me in the face, but they were trying to pull my face up and hit me more,'' she said. "They ripped out chunks of my hair, and I've got a black eye and bruises on my face, and all over my back and shoulder.''

    I guess this is a quote that King Rahm wants to put in a tourism brochure??? This behavior is shameful – and the powers that be of Chicago are only MORE shameful for NOT attacking the problem correctly for the citizens of Chicago…

  • ToughOnCrime

    Looks like we either need more prisons or some soylent green trucks for these animals. Or, lemme guess what the talk shows will be saying on Monday… "we need more social workers."

  • Metalforever69

    This is pitiful. Were are the parents at. These kids parents should be sued by the victims. If you are underage and wondering the streets of Chicago at night then your parents are responsible for your actions. Make the parents pay for not keeping up with their hoodlum children.

    • mitchie

      everytime you went outside as a teen did your parents know where you were ? EVERYTIME???
      come on… the ones that were just being obnoxious are just bored teens … the violent kids need to dealt with and there needs to be consequences .. but IMAGINE if ..we could harness this teen energy..SURELY there is a bright entrpeneur that can find some way some avenue for these young people to put this energy to work for their and society's betterment

  • metalforever69

    Also the mayor wants to close some Chicago schools. Wow what a way to solve the crime problem. It will only get worse. I used to visit the city at least 2 times a month. That might have to end if the City con not get their crime problems under control. Also tourism will decline and some "high end businesses" will high tail it out of the city and open where their customers do not have to constantly look over their back to see if Ghetto thugs are going to attack them. I mean ghetto thugs of all races. Yes there are ghetto thugs of all shapes races and nationalities.

  • Lulz

    Damn swedes are at it again! Can we please deport these swedish exchange students back to their country? They're terrorizing our city!

  • Mitchie420

    first the violent offenders MUST be dealt with ..but pleas stop blaming … these are kids they have energy and they need to release it.there must be someone who can put these bored kids on the right track with excitement. Whatever happened to Junior Achievment ? I bet there are so many creative minds full of ideas in everyone of those kds heads, we cannot continue to be negative towards our children and expect positive results..and who of us when we were teens always tols our parents the truth about what we were up to? ok? its not a race issue its auntapped energy issue. LEAD THE CHILDREN DONOT BERATE THEM