Lesbian sailor fights charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A lesbian sailor at the Great Lakes Naval Base says she’s being targeted because of her sexual orientation.

Chief Petty Officer Sabrina Russell and Petty Officer First Class Jodi Geibel were joined in a legal civil union last year.

According to the Navy, Russell violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice when she became involved with a junior officer.

Russell’s lawyer claims the couple is being targeted by other enlisted sailors who blamed them for reporting unrelated claims of sexual harassment.

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  • Todd Pardee

    How is lesbianism claimed when the same charges apply to heterosexual unions? Officers not fraternizing with underlings has been practiced and enforced for decades.

    • Stand Up

      Actually, your comment is untrue. These women are currently, and were at the time of their union, at DIFFERENT RANKS in the Navy. The issue is not even that they were different ranks. (In fact, officers of different ranks do sometimes date each other and sometimes even marry.) The problem is that these women worked in THE SAME COMMAND. Fraternization within a command violates military law. This has long been military law so that a more senior officer cannot unduly influence a junior office, nor show preferential treatment because of the relationship. This military law is essential, especially in times of combat. Theses women knowingly and purposefully, with full knowledge of the military law, violated it. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. The fact that they are lesbians is a side-bar. If either woman had an oz of INTEGRITY, she would have either not pursued the relationship, or followed proper channels to not be in the same command before dating. However, as ignorant people often do, these women pulled the "discrimination" card in order to divert attention away from the true issue: THAT THEY KNOWINGLY BROKE THE LAW. Both should be dismissed from the Navy as those WITHOUT INTEGRITY are not equip to be leaders representing our country.

  • dhrkkk

    Wow Mr. Stand Up…. Who the hell are you to say such bull shit. Do you even know these women or what they have done or sacrificed for thier country. Did your egotisical pea brain take into consideration that the woman knew each other when they were the same ranks. Actually I guess you are the ignorant one…maybe you should take a look in the mirror before try to make such judgments… obviously your a total homophobic

  • Retired CPO


    HE is correct….YOU are NOT! What we both know is that they are not above the law that they both swore to uphold when they entered active duty and signed their names to the contract. This was reinforced to the CPO when she went through her indoc and yet, she choose to disobey her command policy, her Oath as a Chief and they Uniformed Code of Military justice. It doesn't matter what they did for the country if they don't think the same rules and regulations apply to everyone! One of them should have left the command end of the story. EVERYONE int he Navy knows this rule! EVERYONE!

  • Navy!!!!

    I know both these sailors very well having had to privilege to work with them both. As stated in the article both women are "rock star sailors", and I could attest to that statement. However, there is a fine line when it comes to fraternization. From the time a newly reported sailor shows up at Recruit Training Command it is reiterated over and over again that fraternization will not be tolerated regardless if it is same/opposite sex. Members sign a form (Pg 13) stating they understand the rule and regulations and will oblige by them. Instead of arguing what should happen with these two women let the legal system do it job and wish both Chief Russell and Petty Officer Geibel the best and to keep strong. Those two sailors are still top notch I am proud to serve with.

    • Kimberly Turner

      Sabrina is my 2nd cousin and I want to THANK YOU for not only your service to our country, but for your kind words regarding what kind of sailors they truly are despite their sexual preference.

  • Ya

    Hey there mr dhrkka dka are u from like iraq or Afghanistan or something with that name. Who the hell said that these two woman stated they were above the law!!!!! Where the hell do u get off the only person that can judge anyone is GOD not u dhrhkkk. Did u even read the article about the 2 assholes who sought out reprisal because they obviously were messed up. U dont know what the hell uour talking about!!!! Go find a life!!!!!! These women are not asking for preferential treatment based on sexual orientation…as a matter of fact they are asking for equal treatment. Many frat allegations are swept under the rug in the military if its beneficial for the command to do so. In this case… They should have been counseled and one, if not both transferred. Obviously the senior leadership felt that their position was compromised. Do not make uneducated comments on situations you know nothing about.

  • Stand Up

    Thank you dhrkkk, Retired CPO and Navy!!!. I have read each of your comments and appreciate your thoughts. I will not reiterate my viewpoint; however, I would like to clarify a few things. First, I am not male, I am female. Second, I am in a long-term relationship with another female. And third, my partner is a senior officer in the military. I am not homophobic and I do have knowledge of the military rules concerning fraternization. The policy is very clear in it's purpose. These sailors are intelligent and obviously well respected within the Navy to have received the promotions they did. However, "rock star sailor" status does not afford them the right to break policy. If they had been ignorant of the policy, then it would be prudent to give them a second chance, but that is not the case. I will restate one point, the women's sexual orientation is not the issue, but it is being made the issue to divert attention. This is where I see lack of integrity. I would not want to serve (if I were in the military) with people who cannot uphold the policies of the organization in which they say they are proud to serve. As a side note, those of us who work in the civilian sector would be promptly fired for so blatantly violating company policy. It is disconcerting to see the direction this issue is taking, as it should be for all Americans. Ask yourself, what's next?

  • Ggmmal

    Ha ha ha thats the most stupidist shit ive ever heard there lesbian lady…. Maybe u should re evalute yourself as well just like the one commenter said… R u a conservative lesbian?? I hope u sleep well tonight hopefully someone will pray for u whoever u r……

  • Ggmmal

    Furthermore maybe its u thats unhappy in your own personal life to make such allegations against 2 women that u dont even know…. Wow…. Really letz meet up so i can punch you in your face

  • Alexandria

    I was lucky enough to have had Chief Russell as one of my RDC while I was at Great Lakes…. you could not ask for a better example of a sailor….. i think that leadership is what defines who we are, not our sexual orientation