28 arrested after disturbance on Mag Mile

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Close to 30 people people were arrested during several disturbances along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, and on board a CTA train, Saturday night.

At least 50 teenagers were gathered outside the McDonald’s at Chicago and State prompting a large police response, just before 8pm. Heavy police presence could also be seen at Huron and Michigan, Superior and State, and several surrounding blocks.

Mag Mile Disturbances Police said the suspects intentionally bumped into other people on the sidewalks, and fought amongst themselves. 17 of those arrested were charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.

All but two were juveniles.

Police said there were no reported robberies, assaults or property damage related to the incident.

But witnesses did recall that a man suffered a broken nose when he was attacked by four teens near Dearborn Street and Chicago Avenue.

In a separate incident, police arrested 11 teenagers at CTA’s State and Lake station around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police said the group attacked two women in a train car, and ran off with one of the women’s belongings. Officers arrested the teens when they tried to leave the station.

The two women were treated at the scene and released.

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    • clean_chicago

      I would if I could, but the laws of chicago would put me in jail. I guess my tax dollars will have to pay for their incarceration.

    • Maria Isela

      Well it's only obvious…did you not just watch the same report…theyre disgusting and disrespectful…and yes they prove that they lack good upbringing…Animals behave better…I can only imagine how their parents must behave…I'm sure they're proud :/

      • Will

        I hope you're not that naive, there are white kids, asian kids, spanish kids etc who are just as ignorant and trifling and repugnant. It has to do with good morals and bad negligent parenting NOT race! Smh when will people learn.

    • Todd Pardee

      Drive down the west side, if you’ve got the stones, you’ll see plenty of lots still empty from the 60’s race riots.

    • Todd Pardee

      Here’s an idea! Why don’t the CPS take those schools they shut down and rent them out to CPD. The police can then retrofit them with the locks and bars needed for a decent lockup facility, then they can start rounding up these hoodlums, gang bangers and ho’s and start locking them up?
      They can still do some teaching there as I understand lots of the local trouble makers “are good people that are starting to turn their life around and get a GED”. The family is close by to visit their Pookie who was caught (as the article states) ” attacked two women in a train car and ran off with ones belongings”. First you can go back to calling it “strong armed robbery”, as they did in my younger days when occurances were much less prevalent..

  • Angry Black Person

    Little goons like these brats make us positive black people look real bad, having white people generalizing the whole race. This shouldn't even be a racial issue, this is a lack of parenting issue, where were they when this is going on?!? Parents need to starting being parents again and

    • anon

      I am sorry upstanding African-Americans like yourself are tarred by the same brush as those pieces of trash. It must be hard.

    • Common Sense

      I have four sons/grandsons (my boys) ages 20 through 14 all have graduated at their appropriate time, 2 are working and attending a west suburban Community colleges, one working on building solar panels and the other a freshman with a 3.5 GPA; in addition, one of the starting Defense Ends at his high school. I’ll put any one of my boys against a “APE OF ANOTHER COLOR”, age appropriate and lets competes. Furthermore, any APE OF ANOTHER COLOR, with equal schooling, formal or self-taught, I will go up against regardless of what school you may have attended. To end my anger, one thing if you shave a gorilla, monkey, or ape who most likely it will resemble. If corporate America had keeps the jobs here you wouldn’t be have such dishearten events take place. Incident such as this start with us and soon after the OTHER RACE OF APES (you people) will be doing the same things. Example; your heroin problems in the west suburbs, I regret feeling like this but I hope the keep selling city heroin in your areas. You need to feel like we do!

    • morry barak

      I don't remember the last time dozens of white, hispanic or asian kids did this. People create their own reputations. I would say it has a lot to do with the 70+% out of wedlock birthrate among blacks. It costs nothing to have a father in the home; except commitment. All the government programs in the world can't make up for that. Listen the words of Dr. Carson, and take them to heart. This man can be what BHO never was, and never could be.

    • Guest

      I teach my children: A reputation is hard fought for, but can be lost in an instant. All the hard work a person, family, or community does can be wiped out by the single action of one who doesn't respect consequences. If we are ever going to move forward, that is the lesson we must stick with, even though it hurts sometimes. It is known as personal accountability. And it is the only thing that gets us out of the cycle of blame and victimization, excuses and anger. It means you owe nobody for your strengths, blame no one for your failures. It is liberation.

    • jeff

      attitude on kids they are not scared………… let them sit for three months in cook county like i did for no reason. let their parent lose entitlements because of their behavior……. then we will see a change in attitude real quick !!!!!!!

  • Susan

    Not surprised at all. Some beautiful parts of Chicago…some…not so much. Why do you think Rahm left his post in the Obama administration to run for Mayor of Chicago? Think about that for a minute.@

    • Spec investigator

      I far flun guess? It's Holy Saturday, for Christians is a pentative day, a day to fast and think about what our Lord did for our sins…. religion aside … it's supposed to be a quiet day, usually is. What better time for the tribes who have no personal values, no life values, no religious values, no family values to act out. Blind sided everyone. Who would have thought that plane would crash there.

  • Henry Bowman

    This has been going on for years. Ask anyone who lives or works near the Mag Mile. I'm surprised the Chicago media (WGN and WBBM) has even covered it. Rahm and Co. are not going to like this kind of publicity.

      • James

        As someone who works at Nothwestern, here is what's going on: a few times a year, as the weather gets warm, this happens. Then it stops. This pattern has been going on since 2006.

      • henry Bowman

        James it's much worse than that. Ask the 2 doctors who winded up in the ER two separate times. I ask you to ask the third doc but they killed him.

  • Guest

    Reminds me of various sci-fi movies where utopian societies exist but keep a hidden underclass that eventually rebels and well …..

  • Bjean

    In a contest of whose race has the worst nasties, I think we can all agree that it would be a tie.
    White teens in Joliet in February, black gangbangers shooting baby Jonylah Watkins….the list just goes on & on. WHAT is wrong with our species? Why are we the only failures as parents?

  • Natasha Dinwiddie

    It's such a shame that our city is so beautiful and it's tainted by the foolery of bored and undirected young people.It's even worse that it has to be our african-american children because they have become the face of negativity, violence, and fear for Chicago.

  • dan

    you compare the white teens in joiliet to the black on black crime? thats like one lets see hydia pendelton, that guy 2 years ago that stabbed to death a very prettyl white teen just home from school, while robbing their house, a couple young lads in Merriville indiana murdered a white clerk at a food mart while her son was in afganistan,did the whiteish,community ask for their kind to murder these men as did their type of community when George zimmerman protected his life,,i think not look inside your own before looking at others!

    • Fosterakahunter

      What are you even trying to say? Check your spelling and sentence structure before you comment, and your point may be well taken. Jeez.

    • kingme

      Did you think about that during the Oklahoma city bombing or during ALL of the school shootings and every other mass shooting in the country. Crazy is crazy. It comes n all colors, races, religions, genders, and every other way the human race can be dissected. Get over yourself mr. dan,

    • clean_chicago

      careful of what, truth hurts, im sorry, you can not defend any of the actions of these black teenagers. yes I said black, not just young teens, black young teens!

      • Maria Isela

        Unfortunatly I have to completely agree with Col. Von Doche…what's wrong with them…I'll never understand it…what joy or fun is it to act like wild animals…I'm sorry, animals behave better than them…

  • FEDUP1967

    This is not a race thing – this is crappy parenting and entitled young adults who think society and their families "owe: them.
    For all these punks that are finding it hard to not break the law, draft them. Put their butts in boot camp. They WILL straighten up and listen because if they don't, their drill sergeant will make them understand the rules…. and maybe this is the type of "parenting" they will understand since their own biological parents screwed up and let their kids call the shots.

    • Norm King

      That's the problem, the kids run the parents. Boot camp is an excellent idea. If that doesn't work then punish as China does. I guarantee that will work. Our crime rate will drop from 100% down to less than 1/100 of 1 percent.

    • Tracker 3

      I don't think the National Guard would work out to well. A bunch of soldiers not from the city thrust into a foreign environment stagnant at a street corner just waiting for an incident with a group of rowdy teens or gang members who have no code of conduct or abide by rules of society.

      After hurricane Andrew in Miami in the 90s they stuck soldiers at intersections with their rifles and in typical Army style, no bullets…just their rifles. Well the gangs weren't dumb, they rode up in their cars four deep (with their guns with lots of bullets) and relieved the soldiers of their rifles that had no bullets.

      I predict the same thing if Chicago goes the same route. It will get worse before it gets better. Curfews, martial law and the suspension of liberty during the period…good luck Chicago.

  • Juanita

    I am a teen myself with a job…. and going to school.. I am a college student and it kills me to say that my generation is very messed up and its getting way to far… where is cpd wen we need them where is rahm wen we need them!!!!!!!!! I love my race but its so much negativity behind it :(

    • guest

      "where is cpd"? how can you possibly fix your mouth to speak such slander? the whole 018th district was there, wagons were called in from other districts and our Mayor is spending $1 MILLION dollars a day to pay CPD to work their days off to respond to the BLACK criminal element (south side, west side, downtown flash mobs) Where is the sense of responsibility among black people, Juanita?

  • guest

    Its sooo sad and the video of the kids display them as simple and clowns clueless to the issues. Their parents need to respond to their behavior they look stupid its very upsetting

  • Mannie21

    Stop this please teens, stop this the police will take this more seriously and it will be a matter of time before
    Someone gets seriously hurt.
    Now you've been warned.
    Parents these are your kids….be parents and warn them the police will not have this behavior go on.

    • Pete

      It's a moral issue. Our society is decaying because we have forsaken the values that made us great. In our quest to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity, we've taken away some level of personal responsibility. I can go out, get pregnant, and make lots of babies because the "government will take care of me."

  • Chicago resident

    What is with that Chicago and State corner? There are ALWAYS troublemakers hanging out around that McDonalds. I think because it's right at the red line–the kids just run around, up and down the L stairs, in the tunnels, out of the tunnels…it's idiotic to see. These all look like teens around 15 and up, and I'm sorry to be politically incorrect, but I have only seen black teens, mainly boys. That's purely in identification of who I have personally seen involved, it doesn't mean they are they only ones involved. If you have seen any hispanics or whites participating, I never have. I live and work downtown and have seen this for several years now. It's like a badge of honor among really, really bored kids. With the way they run around it's like they're children playing a big game. It doesn't help that all the kids are having trouble finding summer jobs either so it's just going to get worse. I just wish they'd stop randomly attacking people, that's just evil and nihilistic.

    • anon

      McDonald's and Chik-Fil-A are both there.

      They seem to attract the worst in society.

      Loyola is opening a security office on the corner in another year or so….that might help.

    • Will

      At ^ Chicago resident, true these kids are naive, incompetent and petty and have nothing else better to do, but I can assure you other kids of other races and ethnic backgrounds do the same so don't even start, just read more and not just what you analyze on the news. What about white kids who host bonfires and do ignorant racist nonsense to black folks, white kids who disturb society or white kids who go on massacre shooting sprees all the time or the four white kids in Joliet who killed two black teens a few months ago then had sex on their bodies? This world is f'd up because of negligent and young parents who don't raise their kids right on good morals and values, nothing to do with race! don't single black kids out just because you chose not to read about the horrible white kids! Kids don't need spring break! they need more school! and should spend more time reading about their history to know how great they were meant to be and know their worth and what they are capable of and what they can accomplish.

      • Chicago resident

        I'm not singling out black teens, I'm saying I've only seen black teens, mainly boys, involved in the downtown Chicago disturbances. As I mentioned before that does not mean that hispanics or whites aren't involved. I'm also specifically talking about what's going on in River North, not the suburbs, state or country. The unemployment rate among Chicago teens is horribly high, and I'd guess a lot of these kids would rather have jobs to earn extra money instead of wandering downtown aimlessly. I don't necessarily blame the parents either. Sometimes kids just don't listen or do what they know is right no matter how hard their parents work at it. There are so many murders going on every night in various neighborhoods, maybe the kids feel like at least the risk of getting shot and killed downtown by some stray bullets meant for someone else is comparably lower? I don't know. I cry for every young kid that gets murdered here every day.

        I think the biggest problem though with these downtown disturbances is that the kids who are causing these problems are making it hell for every other good kid who just wants to be able to enjoy downtown, have dinner, see a movie, without others assuming they'll cause problems.

      • Aguilar

        More school?????…that's a lazy excuse an ignorant parent would say….School is not a damn daycare. Besides half the time they don't even attend classes…parents need to get their priorities straight…spend less time worrying about getting your nails done, hair did, and searching for their next baby-daddy/ baby-momma…I don't know what these kids are thinking…I could never humiliate myself like that or disrespect my parents with such idiotic behavior, or embarrassed my race with such stupidity. Half these "parents"… Don't know how to be responsible, educating, loving parents…kids learn from them and mimic them…so what do we expect…they're the splitting image of them.

  • AngryYoungAndPoor

    Honestly from a teenagers perspective…what else is there to do besides for hanging out on street corners and finding things to amuse ourselves with. Joining a sport costs too much money, theres no such thing as arcades or cheap bowling alleys that we can afford. Half of us cant gets jobs and college is an unsure thing for us. So yeah, were going to be out walking the street doing whatever we can to have fun and entertain ourselves. I find it funny that automaticlly were considered hooligans and menaces to society because were fucking bored. Why dont the adultsgive us something to fucking do to amuse ourselves without having to get into trouble? Why cant there be activities and things that are affordible that we can go do? Im sure if I had somewhere to go when I was younger I wouldnt have done half of the shit I did when I was younger. Wake up America, shit like this happens, its called grow up and get over it, theres always gonna be something that you dont agree with the youth. Its a different generation and I can promise you it will never change.

    • TheLocNar

      There's that sense of entitlement. Oh. It's not your fault you're acting like idiots. It's the adults' fault for not GIVING you something to do. Tell you what. If you're bored, enlist.

    • kirby1414

      What these "people" did was not the thing anyone that is civilzed does. How would you feel if one of your family members was attacked and/or robbed while just being in the city shopping or out to dinner? The idiots that did this need severe punishment …. and why don't you try volunteering your time somewhere instead of being bored?

    • Maria

      WHAT!!!!!! When I was "Bored" my parents were sure to find something, anything to: fix, clean, work on, take care of, anything….Lord forbid those words ever came out of my mouth "I'm bored"…I can't even imagine going out in public and behaving like that. It's apparent I was raised better, with respect and common sence. Must be because my parents wanted me to contribute to society in a positive and rewarding way. BORED…I cannot believe that's you excuse…it's stupid and ridiculous…just like those ignorant animal behaving children…they're disgusting and a waste on this Earth!

    • Tracker 3

      Your generation needs to re-gage your priorities and your outlook on life. It is not societies duty to entertain you or your friends. It takes a community to be a cohesive group and to care for the betterment of all. Respect your elders (foreign concept eh?) and strive to make things better than you found them. There are the Scouts and other programs you have the opportunity to be a part of but that takes discipline and committment. It is your responsibility to make your environment better.

      That is great that you and your friends have the opportunity to hang out in a nice setting. But your need for excitement and anti social behaviour which garners you attention is negative attention. Seems fun and hilarious at the time but it is destructive behaviour. Be respectful and civil…you will see that the action will be returned…act like a fool and you will be highlighted as a nuisance.

      • Fed up

        I agree with you. But, it also takes a village to raise an idiot. That's what a village of idiots raises…..idiots!

    • Bjean

      I raised 5 sons & 1 daughter, I myself was raised on the South Side, my parents were 1st Generation Americans. I am trying to give you some perspective from one who NEVER EVER said the word 'bored' or 'gimme' to my parents (or any adult). What did I do as a teen? work a lousy min wage (to pay for any extra clothes/shoes/dances/music albums I wanted), study to get passing grades (or get in MAJOR trouble w/my folks), chores around the house (or I was not allowed to even think of going out), kept a strict curfew (or again – get in MAJOR trouble w/my folks), went to church (even when it was the last thing I wanted to do), got involved in school & church groups….BUT AT NO TIME did I ever steal, assault, stay out late, get expelled (or pregnant or drunk or high), disrespect ANY adult (including teachers & bosses)! I do not recall feeling entitled to ANY thing, nope, not one thing. It was pounded into me that MY future was MY problem, that my choices had consequences, and when I was 18, I PAID RENT to my parents for the honor of eating, sleeping, using their electricity & water! AND I LOVED MY FOLKS! If I ever got arrested for any hooligan behavior, my dad would have LEFT ME THERE! So, in closing, do not ever think ANYONE OWES YOU A THING! Appreciate ANYTHING you ever get from anyone. MAKE your own way in life, and do not follow the crowd when they behave like idiots. USE YOUR BRAIN!

  • Common Sense

    have four sons/grandsons (my boys) ages 20 through 14 all have graduated at their appropriate time, 2 are working and attending a west suburban Community college, one working on building solar panels and the other a freshman with a 3.5 GPA; in addition, one of the starting Defense Ends at his high school. I’ll put any one of my boys against 'your offspring' “APES OF ANOTHER COLOR”, age appropriate and lets competes. Furthermore, any APE OF ANOTHER COLOR, with equal schooling, formal or self-taught, I will go up against regardless of what school you may have attended. To end my anger, one thing if you shave a gorilla, monkey, or ape who most likely it will resemble. If corporate America had keeps the jobs here you wouldn’t be have such dishearten events take place. Incident such as this start with us and soon after the OTHER RACE OF APES (you people) will be doing the same things. Example; your heroin problems in the west suburbs, I regret feeling like this but I hope they keep selling city heroin in your areas. You need to feel like we do!

  • growley

    Per capita population in the U.S. for Blacks is 14% (rounded) however in this street scene of nastiness, I see over 50% Blacks involved. So funny how the Blacks think the world is against them when in general form they don't follow the rules of society. It's like, "Ohhh, they hate me. It must not be my behavior but it's my color."

  • bobobobob

    We need public floggings for these kids and their parents. These kids fear nothing, so let’s put some fear into them.