Mayor Emanuel to announce Chicago Riverwalk developments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Emanuel is expected to announce the next step in the development of the Chicago Riverwalk Thursday.

The development plan focuses on six blocks surrounding State Street, where a continuous walkway will be built along the river.

Each block would have unique names and special attractions.

One block from Wells to Franklin would feature hosted lessons about the ecology of the river, and piers for fishing.

The Riverwalk will reportedly cost $100 million to complete.

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    • Pete

      its about generating revenue. A river walk will attract tourist, and thus generate sales tax revenue. Schools, while I agree are the backbone of a community, run at a deficit, so consolidating low attendance schools is a good business decsion. It's a tough decsision, but the right one to make in a struggling economy.

  • keeping real

    yea!!! just the money!!!!! hell with poor kids education and politicians also build prison for those poors kids to grow-up!!! now we know where the money is going!

  • Bob

    It's nice that Rahm has millions to throw around so a few people can fish along the river. Yet, my taxes go up, schools are being closed, red light and speed cameras rape the citizens. Just another pay off to his politically connected contractor friends. Hey Rahm,,,can you say One Term!

  • joe

    It's diffecult to face the truth. The reality of the past has hit us directly in our face. We elected a Mayor to solve problems, now, not pass them off to the next guy.

  • Tan

    He's an IDIOT he is and wants to fix this city but yet he wants to close down many schools. All these politicians think about is them, they are all selling our land marks what belongs to CHICAGO to other companies and one day we are not going to own Chicago it will be in the hads of other people and we will have no controll

  • Bret

    This is great for the city, it will make Chicago more walkable and hopefully increase tourism. Its goal is to inevitably increase revenue. AND do you think he is closing schools because he hates children, the poor and education? They are closing because they are inefficient and not near full capacity. So he will reallocate money to try to improve education. The Mayor is making hard necessary decisions.

  • kirby1414

    Trying to get the media off his back for the CPS problems – – Typical political move, probably suggested by his 'handlers'…
    I don't know what to say, except the City of Chicago is a joke – – IN SO MANY WAYS!!

    • kirby1414

      Additionally, he's frying to get tourists here – – without telling them that they a good chance of getting robbed, assaulted or killed by the rampent gang problem that the city has and refuses to do anything SMART about it!

  • boi

    i seem to be one of the few who likes this plan… make the city look better and it will bring in tourists (sales tax rev) to the city, whats the problem?

    • 318mopar

      Who's going to pay for it. 100 million for 6 blocks is a very high price, and tax payers should not have to pay this.

  • Joymar

    Actually, it will give teachers a nicer place to walk as they make greedy fools of themselves, The Riverwalk probably is a good idea, but not if it is to raise money to give teachers a raise.
    Let's spend the money on the homeless, poor, and unemployed. Let's hire more police and firemen to protect the citizens of Chicago. Today on the radio they announced the entire graduating class of a charter school in one of the poorest areas of Chicago is going to college. See what good teaching can do! Let's fund more charter schools and give our youth a chance. Oh, let's buy a ticket to Antarctica for Karen Lewis!

  • spe

    Wow the Mayor wants to spend more money we have to give him. He should try making the entire city of Chicago look good not just the LOOP.