2 Hammond teachers in one year accused of having sex with students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Morton High School teachers Jon Lilly (left) and Benjamin Chinn (right) have both been accused in the last year of having sexual relationships with female students.

Two teachers have been are accused of having sexual relationships with female students at Morton High School in Hammond, Indiana.

Last June, 26-year-old boys’ varsity basketball coach Ben Chinn was arrested and accused of groping, kissing and engaging in sexual activates with a 17-year-old student.

Eight months later, 27-year-old algebra teacher Jon Lilly was arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with one, and possibly two teenage ,students.  Lilly was charged in federal court and the affidavit says since 2011, Lilly persuaded six teenage girls, current and former students, to send explicit pictures to him on his cell phone.  Some show the girls in just their underwear, others are naked and in sexually suggestive positions.

Dr. Walter Watkins, Hammond school superintendent gave a statement saying in part, “When anyone presents a possible danger to our students, we will take immediate corrective action and will assist in the pursuit of appropriate sanctions of that person. The safety of students attending our schools will not be compromised.”

A statement similar to this went home to parents today as well.

Dr. Watkins wouldn’t comment either on the fact that two of his teachers in the same school are accused of sexually exploiting their students.

Chinn’s trial starts in June.  Lilly is in court Friday for a bail hearing.

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    • Jacob

      How is this the schools fault? I had them both as teachers and they did an excellent job. Blaming the school is an ignorant accusation.

    • 318mopar

      A teacher should be held to higher standards and be a good roll model to their students. These teachers shows lack of character and morals and provide a bad image to the school other teachers.

  • Claudia Uribe

    no bail??? why not, he didnt murder anyone. He had consentual sex with an 17 year old, who Im sure knew exactly what she was doing!!

    2 teen kids get killed by a drunk cop and the cop gets out on bail.

    WTF is the world coming to… NO JUSTICE

    • Justin Meyers

      So, Claudia, let me ask you this. As a woman, would you feel comfortable with two 'handsome' young men out there having sexual relations with teenage students? Imagine your funking daughter ,(if you don't have one, use that noggin of yours and produce some imagination. :) , attending that educational facility being groped, smacked and slobbered on my some ugly fat teacher. Would it be more devastating hearing about dozens of 17 year old girls including your daughter going around school suddenly and finding out most of the children belong to some teachers? Or would it be worse hearing about a stressed cop on his way home from trying to enforce the law in a town so corrupt ,Satan makes weekly appearances at your local church, and decides to have a well earned beer and accidentally hits two kids. I'd much rather hear of an inconvenient death than an inconvenient raise of birth rate in Hammond Indiana.
      Coming from an attending student of Morton Senior high school, I can tell not all teachers are schit. Most of them are funking psychotic but only because of the rotten students that also attend. Only a select few turn out to be pedophiles and deserve to rot. You can't predict what's going to happen on a brand new teacher with a clean background. Morton hires and hopes for the best.

      • philip vanderheyden

        Are you serious dude? You'd rather two kids get killed then a kid willingly having sex with a teacher? He didn't rape these girls. Yes, he may have used his power in order to get them to comply, but cmon now. I know how promiscuous teenagers have gotten. That girl probably wanted to have sex with Lilly, and she did. Now, the teacher deserves to be put on trial like anyone else, but to say you'd rather kids die then this, I think your reality is a bit skewed kid. Lilly didn't rape anyone. Think before you speak young one. Consensual sex is never worse then death, no matter the situation.

  • Joymar

    Can the reputation of teachers get any lower? They complain they are not paid enough, picket through the seats, students in their classes cannot get decent grades, etc. Yet they say they make sacrifices and want everybody to pay them more. Educators, get a broom and clean house!

    • kirby1414

      Look at the salaries of CPS teachers – – it will mke you sick. They are very well-paid and they are in the streets with signs like little kids – –

      Teaching has lost it's once 'good image' — Now it seems as if the news is about sex, sexting, $$$ problems that don't exist!

    • Jofrey

      Screw you we get paid shit money I make only $38,000 and have 11 years of experience
      You deal with this crap
      Parents just make the babies and don't help kids with their homework or raise them properly
      These girls were old enough to know better
      Unless the asses pointed guns in their faces and forced them

  • anne

    This is not a new problem at morton. The prior principle, a female, ignored the problem with another male teacher who might still be there for all I know. Have heard similar rumors about a young female teacher employed there now.

    • anonymous

      Oh, you've heard humors. Given that you don't seem to have anything to do with the school, I'm sure your rumors are 100% accurate, and can't at all be newly construed and exaggerated after this one heinous event.

  • Kaitlyn

    I go to Scott…..right down the street from Morton! and let me say something….THIS SHIT IS MESSED UP!! my sister goes to Morton and ill be there in a year….I don't want no rapist at that school! Don't just hire anyone cause they're somebody that will take the job! Yea, Hammonds not the greatest place….but giving this dude bail? ummm…I think not! get your shit together! >.<

    • truth

      Perhaps you should look up the definition of "rapist", since that implies forcing a person into sexual deeds. Absolutely no one forced those young ladies to participate. Although I am certainly not claiming that the teachers are in the right, those young ladies should have known better then to participate. As soon as he approached them, they should have gone to the authorities rather then cover up for the teachers. Any student that isn't a skank is perfectly safe at Morton.

    • Bianca

      I went to Morton and now am in a college down state and let me tell you although both teachers were in the wrong, when girls found out Chinn was interested more and more wanted his attention. They're 17 not 5 its about time they make better decisions too. Maybe students should stop trying to grow up so fast. They have no right to complain that they're being gawked at if the have deep V neck shirts on and "leggings" which are tighter than tights. Also if you go to Scott youre in middle school that fact your language is so vulgar is a shame because that is another sign of children growing up too fast.

  • eric draven

    hang in there Lilly, we got your back.
    and how come noones asking why the girls even agreed to have sex with the teachers? why is it just the teachers fault?

  • annonymous

    Im a student from morton highschool, hes 100% in the wrong but these girls at school know better they need to be charged with something also! They are old enough to know better. Its not like he had them at gun point and MADE them take and send the pictures! It takes TWO. I believe its 50/50 they both need to be dealt with!!!!!

  • Eleanor vann

    I blame the school board or who every hire these new teachers. Why would you hire teacher who are only nine or ten years older then these these teenagers, junior and high school student.We need more older administer , principals,teachers and etc. some do have common sense, and know which part of the body to think with. We all were young once, we need experience adults over our American education system, it's alright to have education but good old mother wits, and common sense it so much more important .

  • areyoujuststupid

    Morton is just a free for all.

    Two sets of students were caught having sex in the school in the past month. The baseball team had all their belongings stolen from a locked locker room this week. People can come and go undetected and Mr Friend has done nothing to beef up security. The honors English teacher never teaches the students are begging to go over the ECA material and she only has them read and watch operas. The algebra teacher doesn’t know algebra and teachers the students with the wrong formulas and problems DAILY. The guidence counselors instructed my student not to tell me everything. And now they are standing around saying how did this happen? Ate they that dumb?

    • Sara

      It's sad when the old GYM teacher from Scott Middle School can become a principal at Morton High School. I'm so glad I graduated before he became principal. He should have stayed a gym teacher, he's just running that school into the ground.

  • nicole

    what age does a person have to be for it not to be a crime ? someone told me 16 was consentual but i always thought it was 18… is it legally 16 or 18 ? or did they break some other kind of law due to their position of authority ?

    • concerned

      An adult can NOT have any sexual relations with a minor at all. A minor is someone under the age of 18 year old, yes he broke the law. He used his position of authority to gain these girls trust. I'm not saying that the girls have no fault just they trusted someone not worthy. I hope this answers your questions.

  • areyoujuststupid

    18. And also yes there are laws in place and school policies. The mind ofa 27 year old is very different than a 16 year old. These people looks for kids they can control and persuade.

  • nicole

    i just looked it up and it clearly states that the age of consent in indiana is 16…i really dont understand… i mean, if the legal age is 16 what law did they break ? what am i missing ? i mean, they gave jack schaap 12 years for sleeping w a 17 year old.. while all of this might be morally wrong and publicly frowned upon what laws are being broken ?

  • guest

    Indiana Code 35-42-4-7 clearly protects students from sexual advances from teachers, clergy, etc

    Interestingly, about two years ago when Mr. Chinn was hired in at Morton, I wondered if he would mess around with his student. As time told, not only did he move in with a former student but he, alledgely, had an affair with another. Without disclosing too much information, this man is a sociopath with a blatant disregard for the law (beginning years prior to his career as a teacher). His arrogaance coupled with is questionable family ties to the judiciairy and law enforcemnt allowed this young man believe that he was above the law. Furthermore, he has quite the reputation for attacking weaknesses, manipulating, and destroying any sense of self value. However, until recently, he has been quite successful at wining others over with charm and wit and coming across quite likeable. This man is a classic sociopath and I hope he serves time in jail for his manipulation of naive young female students, and for other crimes that have otherwise gone "unnoticed."

  • rion hanchar

    its not the schools fault and second off that unattractive girl with piercings is a drop out they should have talked to somebody else.

  • Anon.

    Perhaps we should be asking what the principals were doing when these events were happening. Gym teachers barely have the life experience to teach gym, let alone manage a school. Friend? Raby?

  • KnowOne

    I think this whole thing is just plain STUPID, and the mother of the girl sleeping with Lilly, must have known something was going on, because her daughter was living with him, & still lives there while he's in jail, Like for real? What teenage girl wouldn't want to sleep with there "HOT" teacher? Come on now, its "COOL" for the student. But just makes the teacher look dumb! I do not think Lilly should ROT in jail because of having sex with the student, the girl should have keep there legs closed too! So yeah it's her fault as well. Bail will be a good enough punishment for his actions. Lilly knew what he was getting himself into from the beginning, and the more students he thought he could trust the worst the rumors got. He's fired now, and won't ever be able to teach again,. I'm sure that's enough of a punishment.
    & For the girls involved your'e just as guilty as Lilly is.
    Enough said

  • Jim

    Girls in High School live in La La land. Their brains are not completed yet and won't be until they are at least 25. By then the tracts to their frontal brains will be fully developed and they can better judge what the reality is.

    In fact the full brain is not finished until about 35. One reason crime falls off rapidly after that age.