Chicago Teachers’ Union plans massive protest in Loop

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Teachers’ Union will lead a massive protest through the Loop on Wednesday against Chicago Public Schools’ plans to shutdown 54 schools, and consolidate 11 others, next year.

The demonstration will kick-off at Daley Plaza at 4pm, and then make stops at City Hall and CPS headquarters. The Board of Education has metal barricades around the building in anticipation of the protest.

Thousands of teachers, parents and students are expected to attend the rally. The Chicago Teachers’ Union is joining with UNITE HERE Local 1, SEIU Local 1, and the Grassroots Education Movement.

“They’re destabilizing, they’re dangerous, and they’re detrimental to families, and we need all voices, all hands on deck, to make a proper decision about helping the situation, and not making it worse,” said Pastor Gregory Livingston of Mission of Faith Baptist Church. He’s among several ministers who are calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to put a moratorium on the closings.

But, CPS says underutilized schools are draining resources and contributing to the system’s whopping deficit. The CTU believes CPS is just looking for ways to open more charter schools.

Meantime, CPS announced Tuesday they are looking to hire “Safe Passages” patrols to help students get to school safely.

Thousands of students will be transferred to schools further away once the closures take place and CPS says the Safe Passages community watchers will help keep an eye on the students as they travel to their schools.

CPS plans to spend $7.7 million on the patrols.

WGN’s traffic reporters are advising evening commuters to be knowledgeable of this rally and march. Here’s the map they tweeted:

WGN News Writer C. Hayes helped publish this story.

For the latest travel times, go to

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  • get real

    Yes lets put money into a school that is half full so that these teacher don't loose that big paycheck. It's a surprise that a lot of the parents even know where the school is. We probably wouldn't need safe passage is you took care of the children you brought into the world instead of letting them run the streets like wild animals.

    • freecheese

      This is nothing more than a good ole' fashion Chicago-style union rally. Chicago schools are SOON going to be a can of worms like Detriot's.

    • imsailing2

      Silly…taking care of kids is the governments job. 17 year old girls just find someone to impregnate them because that's how they get their own welfare check & section 8 apartment when their momma is ready for them to fly the coop. It's a right of passage. You can't then expect them to actually keep track of those kids every day.

  • Bill

    All the unions banding together to secure high pay and short hours for their teachers…no wonder the district is in trouble! Pretty sad when police officers have to escort kids to school. Eliminate the gangs, eliminate the problem.

  • lyndaloo

    From Headstart to High School – underperformance is the new normal in the public education. Unions have done zero for the student. Even with all the public dollars for these kids they still cannot read/write/do math or vote for a politician who will actually HELP them. They vote democrat so they can continue the "free stuff" from the so-called "rich & greedy" – you know – those people who studied and worked hard for a living. Teacher unions & unions in general are a disgrace to America. They used to be worth something but now it is thuggery, shake-down tactics, hate mongering, covet-encouraging. Dems/libs are against vouchers as they do NOT want their voters to get an education – otherwise they would learn what was being done to them by the people who keep promising stuff but never get anything. Run awa ysla ve movi e. c o m to see the planta tation. No spaces in the website.

    • Guest

      Maybe the problem is that people need to start parenting again and stop expecting teachers to raise their kids for them and use teachers as a scapegoat. Yeah, it's the TEACHER'S FAULT that mom is out getting drunk at the clubs until 3 a.m. on a Wednesday night instead of helping the kid with his homework. It's the TEACHER'S FAULT that these parents will buy their kid the newest gangster rap cd before they'll buy them a friggin' book! It's the TEACHER'S FAULT that the kid is out of control because they were raised with no discipline! Oh, wait, that's right, your kid has a BEHAVIOR DISORDER (biggest b.s. label I've ever heard), so it's not YOUR fault!

      I grew up in the same town as my parents and grandparents. When my grandparents went to the public high school there it was one of the top high schools in the state. The neighborhoods were very safe and crime was very low. When my parents went there the towns in that area had a higher crime rate, but not terrible, and the school was still a good school, but not top 10. Now, it's one of the worst schools in the state. The neighborhoods are riddled with crime, attendance rates are so bad that nearly half the kids never show up. But that's the fault of the TEACHERS isn't it? The school is shit now because the teachers are bad – not because of the shitty parenting and high crime, that plays NO ROLE WHATSOEVER, RIGHT?!

      People need to stop blaming teachers for everything and start taking responsibility for their actions as parents. There is no way in hell I'd ever become a teacher. All you do is get sh*t on from every corner of society while everybody who has no experience in teaching tells you how to do your job. Dealing with a bunch of disrespectful parents and their disrespectful kids and stupid politicians is not my idea of a good job. Only a complete idiot thinks teaching is easy. They're too stupid to think about all the paperwork and b.s. that comes with it. I'll tell you what, all you people slagging on the teachers: PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND GET IN THERE AND TEACH THOSE KIDS! GET IN THOSE SCHOOLS IN THE ROUGHEST NEIGHBORHOODS AND SHOW THEM HOW IT'S DONE! YOU'RE ALL EXPERTS, AND THEY'RE ALL IDIOTS, SO GET TO IT! You won't last ONE DAY!

      • lyndaloo

        The schools do HAVE horrible teachers nowadays who cannot be fired due to the UNIONS. Liberalism in the schools has grown to epic proportions today. It wasn't so much back in the 60's & 70's. It was just beginning then. Until the Unions are disolved nothing will change in the inner cities. The repubs want vouchers to help these parents but the losers keep voting democrat believing the promises. Wake up folks. Time is UP>

  • NotALiberalFan

    Grab an Obama phone and call your Obama Mayor ……. you get what you ask some times. Look at Cal and Ohio on medical increases ….. what comes around goes around HaHa!!

  • mark123456

    Unions will never be elminated, they are a strong Democratic voting base. Even when the Democratic politicians sh*t on the union members, they are still stupid enough to vote same Democrats back in. For the past 20-30 years the unions have been given all the wonderful benefits and work perks the wanted in exchange for voting Democratic. The Democratic politicians just "kicked the funding can" down the road each year for someone else to worry about. Now we are getting to the point where there is not much road left to kick the can any further, although Mike Madigan thinks the next road is shift the bills back to the local districts (can you say "local tax increases coming" when he does). So keep voting the same democratic politicians back in and stop complaining about all the tax increases and school closings coming to keep union benefits increasing. Along with more taxes from Obama to cover his healthcare, gasoline and family vacation plans… The Democratic party can count on forever stupid voters.

    • lyndaloo

      Look at what Wisconsin did to the thug unions up there. The voters DID vote Gov. Walker in so the Unions are dying thank goodness. Even their tactics of destroying their own State building, peeing in the hallways, shouting 24/7, Occupying the space 24/7 & spewing hate & threats didn't work. MOST people will wake up. Liberals end up destroying themselves; continue to pray they do. It is working.

  • Chiguy

    Teachers get amazing benefits compared to most average employees of companies.

    It used to be UNLIMITED accrual of sick/vacation days – now it's limited to ONLY 180 days of vacation time. Cry me a river!
    Teachers have their own pension plan at which retired teachers can make up to 80% of their old salaries every year for the rest of their lives. Cry me a river!
    Retired teachers get GUARANTEED raises every year – and COMPLAIN that the raises are only based on their last year paid salary, not compound raises. CRY ME A RIVER!

    Not to mention the short work day (8:30 to 3:pm) and the summer break they get each year. They're paid better than a lot of full-time employees who get really poor benefits compared to teachers. AND THEY'RE STILL WANTING MORE.

    • imsailing2

      While I agree with a lot you are saying….if they are correcting papers, preparing lessons & other things it takes to properly run a cl*** room they do not have a short work day. Few teachers are done the minute the bell rings & the kids go home. They do get some time off in summer, but again if they are doing their job at least a few of those weeks goes to setting up their lessons & cl***room for the next year, etc. That said, with a 40% drop out rate & the prevalent attitude, these things are probably not getting done. Who needs to grade when you just p*** every child anyway, and who needs to prepare lessons when you teach the kids politically correct 101 all day instead of math.
      (Seriously?? every word that has the letters ass in it somewhere is bleeped? Too funny)

    • bozo

      A holiday every month . . . . 2 weeks off for christmas . . . .1 week off in the spring . . . . 2 1/2 MONTHS off in the summer ? ? ?

      My God! . . . . . that shouldn't even be considered a full time job !!!!

      • Technokat

        Uh, sorry…there is no summer vacation. It's forced unemployment. Most teachers I know have to secure a summer job just to pay the mortgage. As well, those "perks" of which you speak are part of the total compensation package that is negotiated to off-set lower salaries for the credentials teachers obtain. Plus, teachers are expected to put in several unpaid EXTRA hours of professional development time in order to keep their jobs. I know of no other profession where the employee is forced to train without pay in order to stay employed. The "hours" of which you speak are only contracted, on-site work hours. The vast majority of teachers come in early, stay very late, or take work home with them. The amount of paper-work in the new "data-driven" world is immense. Teachers get very short duty-free lunch periods (not lunch hours like most of the crybabies in the private sector) and absolutely no mental and physical breaks. If you call prep time a break, you are way off-base. That time belongs to the school, not the individual. Enough with the rhetoric–every time I hear people complain about how "good" teachers have it, I give them this laundry list of things they do not know. I also remind them of their paid vacations and holidays at work. No teacher gets paid for holidays and breaks. They are not paid for days in which they do not work, unlike pretty much anyone posting here with a job that's not paid minimum wage or in retail. Please educate yourselves before making ignorant comments again.

  • solgreatman

    Close Chicago while your at it or sell it the Chinese,probably wouldn't get much for it.Sht hole Chicago,land of obarry.

  • mmilesll

    The Chicago Teachers Union-which has done such a wonderful job teaching kids-is upset because their lousy teaching has caught up with them. All the CTU cares about are the union dues

  • Ken

    States need to start passing legislation that will make public sector unions a thing of the past. Even FDR recognized that public sector unions eventually would become an abusive, counter-productive drain on the taxpayer

    • bozo

      JFK made it legal for public employees to become unionized as a way of paying back some of the "people" who got him elected.

      With one stroke of the pen JFK placed an overall burden on the taxpayers greater than the entire economy of Europe.

  • jazzafficianado

    First, let's hear how they will pay for their 54 percent of UNFUNDED pension liabilities for Cook County government employees fo $28 billion, their share of $98 billion of UNFUNDED state pension liabilities o f $100 billion and state deficit of billions . They are asking others to pay all these someday and yet want their underutilized , dysfunctional schools protected. Thanks….

    • bozo

      Pat "crazy eyes" Quinn has already increased the state income tax by 50% . . . and we already have the highest corporate rate in the world.. . . . . why stop there ?? !!!

      Tax Tax Tax . . . . it's the Democratic way !

  • Ben Hurminson

    It’s the same ole in Chicago.

    If anybody involved in this process cared about students, they would just create more and more charter schools, and add more student and teacher evaluation (performance pay, merit pay, etc.).

    But it’s just a battle over money and power to everyone at the table, as is just about everything in Chicago.

    There are good people around, but not enough in the right positions, unfortunately many become lost and do much less valuable and efficient work in this city for decades, than they would with real leadership that cared more about the well being of people.

  • danab

    UNITE HERE Local 1, SEIU Local 1, Chicago "community organizers" turn on Rham ha haha "Hey It's" The Chicago Way" …………..that's how we roll ……

    • lyndaloo

      Doesn't matter what the drop-out rate is; THEY couldn't graduate anyway unless the unioned teacher passed them anyway, which in millions of cases they do. Then the kid gets into college on affirmative action plan – can't read or write but that doesn't matter. They are a minority and that is all that matters. This is the nation we live in with dems/libs/progressives in office. VOTE them OUT!

  • Queenwemo

    I'm having a blast watching Chicago and Detroit burn!.
    These havens of the Democrats "Great Society" prove without a shadow of a doubt that after 60 or so years of governmental redistribution and enabled poverty – Civil Society has degenerated to 'Lord of the Flies'.
    Altruism without reserve breeds laziness and vapid entitlement

    • lyndaloo

      The problem is that THEY will invade our communities – you know where people are "normal" – they get out of bed; go to school or work, come home take care of family & clean up their neighborhoods & go to church/synagog and pray to a higher power other than themselves.

  • imsailing2

    Go ahead….show up & whine. You all are getting exactly what you deserve. You voted for it over and over. Congratulations, Atlas is shrugging. You have finally bankrupted your meal tickets.

  • lda

    Like the idea of consolidation and staff turnovers at low performing schools. If Unions don't want to weed out their rotten wood, let the system do it. Time for competent teachers, a sensible, honest, and balanced curriculum, discipline, safety, and respect. Time for the protesting parents to do something more than give birth, and teach/exemplify strong values rather than bitterness, sloth, drugs, victimhood. This hasn't been a question of money…it's been a question of political sewage, poor/absentee parenting, and lack of faith/values.

  • Tired of Morons

    Try this approach. Hold your breath until you turn blue and die. If you survive, shut-up, get back in school and actually teach the kids. BTW how did you think they were going to pay for the raise you and fatazz union mouth piece demanded.

  • bozo

    Isn't it interesting when the "cause" is out protesting the "effect" ?

    Union greed caused most of this mess . . . .and now they're upset!

    I wonder if the protesters will be wearing those bright red shirts? (None of which were made in the USA)