Sprint to buy US Cellular: What it means to customers in Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hundreds of thousands of U.S Cellular phone customers are about to be hung up on after Sprint buys the company.

WGN’s Robert Jordan has more on why it’s happening and what they can do about it.

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  • getyofactsright

    You should really do more research before going on tv and speaking as a matter of fact u.s. cellular devices will work up to 3 years after the transactions closed, thanks for scaring a bunch of people amd making them feel scammed all for not doing your research before going to print or tv. Wow you guys are right up there with the tabloids if this is the kind of fiction in your news take the time do the research

  • Cody

    And to add to the previous comment, US Cellular would not just “hang-up” on there customers. That is idiotic. Thanks for producing hundreds of calls for no reason at all.

  • Long time loyal customer.

    I have been to several stores in the past couple of days and all have reassured me that my service will NOT be disrupted in any way and my phone will work until everyone at Sprint makes the switch to their updated towers in 2015. With that said, our phones will work. I am a long time viewer of WGN and this is very disappointing to me that you would not do the proper research before you leak a story like this and worry over a half million customers. Your facts were based on what a couple of employees said…not the powers that be from the US Cellular corporate headquarters. I hope that you will retract this story.

  • B

    Just received an official letter from us cellular/sprint Once the deal is complete us cell phones will only work for 90 days. Also you will need to buy a new phone, us cell phones wont wofk on sprints network.

    • TS

      Maybe you ANONYMOUS people should do YOUR RESEARCH before spouting off at the mouth. Most of those CSR’s at the stores know less than we do. Sprint has a buyback program and I’m sure they will give us an amazing deal on new phones to keep us as existing customers. Why freak out for no reason??

  • susan evans

    I am a uscellular customer and i too received my official letter, and called the company. The devices i have on my shared plan will not work once this is completed. They are estimating 90 days, so while their intent was to have them work the US cellular corporate letters clearly says. YOUR equipment will not work on the Sprint network.
    I have a smart phone just purchased not in 90 days ago for 289.00 dollars so who will reimburse me for that. When asking no one had an answer. Cannot call sprint because i am not their customer yet. Susan L

  • Candy

    how is this even fair to us cellular customers? I recently signed a contract with us cellular after breaking my contract with sprint. I had a bad experience in service, connections, customer service, and so on with sprint which is why I left them…now i am stuck with them? my contract was for two years with us cellular signed less then a year ago, I paid a deposit for all five of my lines and when i called I was told I will not see that again…and going to sprint we are basically starting all over again. tHis is not good customer service….unbelievable…

  • marge farina

    Yep…got my letter too. I called U.S. Cellular and they said the phones will NOT work…and we will need to get new ones through Sprint…WTF, I just paid $1000. in phones and activation fees for out new smart phones…THEN they have the nerve to add on the letter that they will NOT charge us if we break the contact and decide to go to another phone provider.Isnt that nice of them, the consumer gets screwed again. I say everyone of us call the BBB and fle complaints…looks like US Cell will have a class action lawsuit on their hands for breaking OUR contracts!!!!!

    • conster

      Thank you!!! I got my phone in December with 2yr contract and my phone stopped working in February. US tell me their going out of business and now I’m stuck with a broke phone and a horrible contract. Please someone help

  • B

    I already spoke to sprint about their buy back program theyll give me $109 billing credit for my 6 month old GS3 that I paid $300 for. I asked if they are going to wave activation fees they have no answers yet. I just hope that sprint handles this right.

    • c

      I got my letter in the mail today also. What they don’t explain is that you are not automatically a sprint customer. Sprint told me when I called them that you will have to go through a credit check like you were a new customer. So, you may have to pay any deposits required too.

  • Reese

    Just got my letter from them today. REDICULOUS, I have a crazy amount of reward points(no good after takeover) I’ve been done with contracts for bout a year and a half(will have to sign new one wherever I go) and I’m grandfathered in to one of there old plans. So very not happy right now. Both these companies are so greedy that their forgetting what makes them what they are and thats us, the customers.

  • anonymous

    I am so disappointed. And furious with sprint. They are the ones buying the us customers. We previously had sprint and left them. There was a reason for that! Sprint does not have coverage in our area. Why buy customers and not the towers to provide them with coverage. We also have 4 phones on our plan and had just purchased one this last Xmas. So now we’re out the money for that phone plus we have to go to a new plan with a new company and looking at an additional $90/mo (we were grandfathered in a previously good plan). Now we just want to be done with it and can’t leave until we get more communication from sprint or will have to pay cancellation fees. Mothers day specials are starting and it would be nice to get new phones at the cheapest possible prices since we’re being forced out. Am NOT a satisfied customer right now!