Bond set at $3M for alleged Craigslist rapist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bond has been set at $3 million for a Woodstock man charged with raping five women he met on Craigslist.

44-year-old Charles Oliverwas first arrested and released on bond in January. Then more victims surfaced and he was taken into custody again. Five women have come forward but police believe there may be as many as 20 who were victimized by Oliver.

Prosecutors accuse him of beating and raping his victims. They say they have thousands of photos and videos to prove it. Prosecutors told the court Oliver did what he did because he had never been popular with women.

Oliver is a heating and air conditioning contractor whose crimes are so heinous,  prosecutors wanted him to remain behind bars with no bond. Instead a McHenry County judge set a $3 million dollars bond. Charges allege Oliver would find his prey on craigslist, and in some cases kidnap or lure women to his own home before bringing them into a place he called his “playroom.”

At his Woodstock home, police discovered thousands of images of Oliver engaged in sexual acts with women. Some of them consensual, some of them were not.

Neighbor Julie Rendecker knows one of the victims pressing charges, a 20-something married mother of two who, in January, she claims, thought Oliver was going to help her become a model and take some pictures. The woman looked him up on craigslist.

Rendecker claims her friend later went to police after Oliver harassed her.

Across the street from Oliver’s home, other neighbors never suspected a thing. While one man said the defendant was a good neighbor, a different one said he has noticed strange activity at Oliver’s as of late, but didn’t think it meant anything.

“The last couple of months (there were) sheets in windows day and night,” said neighbor Eric Maldonado.

Oliver’s next court date is scheduled for April 12.

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