Social media goes red: Reaction to today’s Supreme Court same-sex marriage hearing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On tonight’s WGN News at Five, we’ll be discussing the social media reaction to today’s Supreme Court hearing over same-sex marriage. We’ll post the video here after it airs.

More links from around the web….

– Chicago Tribune’s Scott Kleinberg on Facebook profile photo changes.

– MSNBC takes a look at the Human Rights Campaign’s logo and how it went viral

– Mashable on Senators announcing support for gay marriage on social media

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  • marko

    i mean no harm or disrespect but this is completely crazy trying to make gay marriage legal is totally against the word of god i cant believe what im hearing are you all gone mad read the biblle god really dont like this and for you one using love as and excuse is straight up desperate and your destiny gots to be hell cause from what the bible says those acts are not approved of in heaven as for of the people sworn under oath should be ashamed of yourself for even considering such a thing read the bible

  • Joymar

    I was all for same sex marriage but have changed my mind. At first I thought who am I to prevent two gay people from getting married even if I did not approve of it. But It has pointed out to me same sex marriages will make tremendous social changes. Thus, I am now supporting civil unions rather than same sex marriages.

  • Ian

    Oh I see how it is. If it inconveniences you then it should not be allowed to happen regardless of the hundreds of other people it may help. Didn't we also start this country so that those may find freedom, liberty and justice without persecution. Also isn't the state and church supposed to be separate? Why should I abide by your beliefs when you can't even tolerate discussing what mine are?

  • MisterBT

    If you start your post with "I mean no harm or disrespect…" or with "I was all for this but now I disagree…" then you're practically screaming your hypocrisy along with your bigotry. If you have some sort of valid rationale for why a subset of Americans deserve to be treated as second-class citizens, then try to explain it honestly without recourse to mythology or weasel words. If you want to hide your homophobia behind support for civil unions, please explain why 'separate-but-equal' is a good idea and why it's worked so well for us in the past. Finally, explain how exactly someone else's marriage is actually going to hurt you. If you can't do any of these things, please just acknowledge your bigotry and homophobia so we can see who's opinions to dismiss out of hand.

  • LogicLady

    "trying to make gay marriage legal is totally against the word of god" is only relevant in your house of worship, where you pass a collection plate to keep the state out of your church and you have a tax exempt status. When you then try to legislate in a place that expects citizens taxes, give benefits to people who check the "married" box on tax forms, and make different rules for them under STATE statutes? God has absolutely zero to do with the decision. The country does. -Just as you are free to worship as you choose? You are not free to choose how *others* worship, believe, or how the state should feel their citizenry should. Familiarize yourselves with "separation of church and state" (or are you arguing that your churches should also not remain tax exempt and be state-run? States should come in and govern your houses of worship? (I don't want that, and neither should you.) However, Goose = gander, as in "What's good for the goose is good for the gander.") Lastly, what happened to God as judge? You aren't God. Step off.

  • LogicLady

    They censored the word "p-a-s-s" in the comment above. It's "p-a-s-s the collection plate." (Seriously? Censorship that's unnecessary is ridiculous.)