Chicago police begin foot patrols in high-crime zones

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Police Department is now combating gang crime by putting boots on the ground, as well as tires.

24 rookie police officers have begun patrolling some of the city’s worst gang-crime zones on foot; others will be added as the police academy turns out more graduates.

The first area to get the new foot patrols is the South Side Gresham District.

The patrolmen will be backed up by more experienced officers patrolling in their squad cars.

Just 3 percent of the city accounts for 20% of its violence; the neighborhoods that make up that 3 percent will get most of the foot patrols.

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  • Todd Pardee

    Why put fresh recruits on the street? They have just left the academy and are physically fit and inexperienced. Why don’t you put the overweight donut eaters on foot to slim them down?

    • Jake

      Because the fat cops are senior cops. There whole lot of seniority stuff going on in there. Moreover, FOP is not going to be happy with this. They have the reputation to whine about any stuff that would get their senior officers moving.

    • Tina

      Wow if you can't support our men in blue!!!!! Stand in front of them !!!!' Donut remark come on a little immature ya think!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana

    Well we have to try to do something in order to deter the sheer maniacal behavior that we are witnessing daily in the news and in person. Anyone who has a problem with what is being done is crazy, we almost had to call in the National Guards to provide security for our streets a couple of summers ago. We are approaching another summer where we had a record number of murders well before the sumer had concluded. Add new gang members, rise in the manufacturing of drugs and poly drugs(Molly, K-9 etc)and territorial wars guarantees a summer full of senseless death and destruction if the city doesnt take a stance.

  • phil

    Im behind the police its funny all you tuff guys talk crap about them yet when you need help you wanna call them and expect them to hurry blahhhhh!!!!!! nowwwww heres my thing if they cant catch these bums in cars and helicopters how they gonna catch them on foot *sigh*

  • Chicago Dweller

    My opinion ~ Foot Patrol Unit should equal ~ One Veteran Cop and One Recruit Cop.
    The Recruit will not know the hood or it's people.
    Put a Veteran with the Recruit to teach them the hood, the people, the hot spots.
    If a Recruit is calling for help on the radio and knows not where they are, this could endanger their life.
    It takes years to know a neighborhood and it's hot spots.

  • Tired of Morons

    Bet the POS union will find a reason to complain. The officers are too new, picking on rookies, making them walk. The complete injustice to our members.

  • Alan

    Here we go using tax payer dollars in an area of the city where 75% of the people don't pay taxes. The vast majority are some kind of government assistance. The question that needs to be answered is why are they shooting up and killing each other? You brother this and brother that, I would think even in a symbolic way if called someone brother you cared about them? I guess not, it seems the alternative is kill each up so you claim territory that no one wants because of the way they destroy the very place they live. Trash all over the street, broken glass the place looks like garbage dump a dump they created. It's hard to believe people want to live that way.

    • Tim Barnes

      There are good and bad elements in every neighborhood. You are correct about the trash and broken glass, but one block over may be very well kept. Lack of jobs and social services, abandoned properties, vacant lots all contribute to the plight. This city initiative sounds like a very good idea. COMBINED with other initiatives from city departments like streets and sanitation, economic developement, social services, CPS, The park district and the private sector. The police cannot do it along. Create a Junior Police Program, They can assist the new recruits with neighborhood issues / locations. Create or expand after school programs. Offer parenting classes. Everyone wins if we can stop the violence. BROTHER!

  • Fellow PO

    WOW. Some uneducated people on here. Unless you are the police or have police in your family or even friends, you dont have any idea what its like.

  • Fellow PO

    The only people that make these comments are the IDIOTS that get locked up, get a speeding ticket, got a ticket for weed or poured there beer in the sewer. I'd love to see how many people would like to do our job by walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night when its 90 degrees outside and people are shooting at each other. We are the first ones to run in when all the others are running out.

  • Louisa

    Just another fine example of how homeowners that do pay significant taxes have to once again supplement those that don't, including at their own expense of protection because there's only so much police protection to go around. It's not like it's not supplemented every other way on a federal level also. Illinois is a state listed on the downward spiral, more takers than givers and over 4000 a month leaving this hell hole. Let them have it, and remember there will be no one left here to pay for much of anything because they're leaving and taking their taxable dollars with them. Good riddance.

  • shannin smith

    well this can b good or bad depending on the part of the city the cops patrol plus a lot of people talk about gangs half the time its not gang related its block related then u have the crooked cops that say bring me a gun and ill let u go the crime is deeper than the media u have to go behind the scenes or live it. my mom lives in Gresham and her and my father are retired city employees that have been paying taxes forever.I also livedp in woodlawn with the good and the bad

  • shannin smith

    notits not gang related its block related gangs hang on blocks together now and going to old school gang leaders wont help the young boys don’t listen to them. its all about the hustling go to the blocks talk to the guys and the girls y start patrolling Gresham first its not the worst area.

  • Angela Smith

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