Author: Kirk Mango talks about his book Becoming a True Champion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Sue Elliott

    I have been a Tennis Coach for over 25 years. I loved this interview with Kirk Mango. Today, young athletes seem to think that the instant result of hard work is the big W. Same with there parents. I do wish all young athletes would enjoy there own achievments, learn from them and take it to the next step as well as enjoy the competition and the moment. Thank You Kirk !!!

    • Kirk Mango


      Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your support and interest in the topics discussed. We have a long road back from the false ideas and ideals that athletes like Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, and the like, have left for our youth. It is time for ALL to put to rest this loss of perspective and winning at all costs attitudes that seem to dominate our headlines, and our current sports culture. There is much, much more to being a champion, a true champion, than that "W"……contin.

  • Kirk Mango

    ….Oh yes, winning is part of it, however, it is only one piece…an outcome of the PROCESS that gets you there. And the value in athletic endeavor…well, that centers on the intrinsic components one gains when their focus stays solid on that process allowing outcomes to be just that…simply outcomes. Something that happens when internal characteristics (desire, commitment, discipline, sacrifice, setting priorities, heart, proper mindset, etc.) are applied to a situation or circumstance in order to achieve what one is seeking. There is soooo much more to this than what I have written here and said in the interview. Just thought I would thank you for your comment and add just a little more insight to what was said in the interview.

    All my best,

    Kirk Mango
    Author: "Becoming a True Champion"