South Holland teen killed at party in Calumet City

Conflicting stories coming from witnesses who saw a teenage boy from South Holland killed at a weekend party.

Police found 17-year-old Tyshaun McClurge, shot in a bedroom of a Calumet City apartment building.

Witnesses outside the building say they heard a shot go off just after 9 p.m. Saturday.

But there are conflicting reports from inside the party.  Some say McClurge accidently shot himself.

Others report he was shot when the gun accidently went off while a friend was holding it.

McClurge is the second teen killed in Calumet City in the past week.

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  • Annonomus

    There is no way he could've been in the house when the shot went off I live right across from where it happened at and there was only one shot that went off and the shot was so clear for u to hear it this happened at 8pm.

    • guest

      Tyshaun went to thornwood a while back. he was never in trouble. there is no way he shot his self. i think the friends he was with left him to die on his own. who ever gun it was knew there was a bullet left. they shouldve put this on safety. Now Tyshaun is gone. didnt even make it to 18