Officials: Teen’s shooting death ruled accident

The shooting death of a teenager over the weekend in Calumet City has been ruled an accident.
The Medical Examiner says Tyshaun McClurge of South Holland died of a gunshot wound to the mouth.
The 17-year-old was shot in a friend’s apartment Saturday night in Calumet City.
Police say witnesses saw him with a handgun, and investigators believe it went off accidently.
Other people in the apartment told police they were all getting ready to go to aparty.

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  • Aloysious

    There is no such thing as an accidental gunshot. Period.

    Gun safety principles are kindergarten-simple, and it takes more than 2 violations to commit a failure.

  • Angel

    What was a 17 year old kid doing in possession of a handgun in the first place? Where the hell were the child's parents???? Gun control laws? They weren't even necessary here. Morals should have been first in this situation.