Paternity suit against Michael Jordan dismissed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A court in Georgia has dismissed a paternity suit against basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Pamela Y. Smith had accused Jordan of fathering her son. Jordan responded, according to court papers, that he was “not the father of this child whose paternity has been conclusively established in a court of law. Any allegations to the contrary are decidedly false.”

Smith and her attorneys requested “immediate genetic testing” of Jordan on March 12, and Smith dismissed her complaint “and all subsequent pleadings without prejudice” last Friday.

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  • Marley from Chicago

    ^ ^ Mike was trying to beat Wilt Chamberline records.

    I bet when he was messing with this lady back in the day he didnt think she would wait this long to try to put a kid on him. She waited too long if it was his, and then she supposedly got child support from her ex husband for the same son she saying was Mikes. Crazy

  • sadsack

    Boy was trying to make a basket on her …….I guess it is true ….The more money the less brain power…….Mike is like J. Jackson 2 familes lots of tax write offs hehehehehhe h….Keep your head in the game man …..Marring again …This guy is really dumb………Needs a coach again heheheheh

  • bankruptcy

    Tsk, this is I think a super materialistic woman for if he really is after for the bucks she can get from Michael Jackson for the benefit of her son, she will surely not dropped the case, but she did, might be, she just want to hoard some money for herself?