Man, 34, charged in stabbing death of Elgin woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man has been charged in the stabbing death of a woman from Elgin.


Lisa Koziol-Ellis (left) was found dead in her Elgin townhouse. Paul Johnson (right) is accused in her murder.

Paul Johnson, 34, has now been charged with first-degree murder, home invasion and residential burglary.

He is accused in the murder of Lisa Koziol-Ellis, who was stabbed to death inside of her townhouse in Elgin earlier this month.

His bond has been set for $5 million.

The husband of Koziol-Ellis found her body.

They had only been living in the townhome for a few days.

Johnson’s next court date will be March 27.

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  • keeping real

    where is that dumdass chmps comments by tired of morons??? my prayers to the amilies and i hope that animal get put down!!!!

  • Moose

    I feel for this family, but this was a gated community they say. They tend not to let people that look allow shady looking people live there. Also at 35-40 sec in the vid it amuses me that they start to say bringing some one to justice then state that "Making an arrest was the most important thing." "With that I think the community is better off and safer." Makes me wonder if they went hey who is a criminal in that area and nabbed them. No where does it do they state how they tracked the killer down. Cause even in high profile cases they state that. I say it was the husband, in his intial interview he wasn't even crying while talking to the press and offering a reward. Yes he had a remorseful tone to it but really come on if that was my wife no matter how much I cried before hand I would still be sobbing when talking about it. Lets look to see what kind of health insurance policy she had out on herself and who she left any money to.

    • Someone Close

      Moose, a nearly two week, 24×7 police investigation led to the arrest of a career criminal who committed similar crimes in the past, who lived two doors from the victim, and who (it appears) told police that he not only killed her with a screwdriver, he then stabbed her multiple times with a knife, then went back to cover up the scene … and you cast dispersions on her grieving husband. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • another friend

      Except Dash was in shock and had a rock solid alibi. and you are a total jack@$$.

      your stupid petty comments put you just a shade above Paul Johnson on the POS-o-Meter, imo.

    • Otherside

      Really? Um yea, I don't think so. It was also stated that this POS broke into their house to steal a DVD player. That's right, Lisa died over a DVD player. As for Dash, it's called shock. I know first hand what that feels like. I am a victim of a home invasion and I cannot BELIEVE how calm and emotionless I was while I had a gun to my head, being yelled yet while other family members were being beaten. It was almost like a total high. Then much later I felt a big wave, like a sonic boom rush into my entire body with such pressure and pain as the shock finally went off. The point is, people react differently to horror, pain and loss. Until you experience, do not judge it.

    • Marie

      Most definitely NOT the husband. If you didn't notice that they kept stopping the tapes between the interview when he started to get too worked up to talk go look back over it. He did cry they just either cut that part or didn't film it. You obviously were not there to see for yourself. Take care….

    • Darwin

      Yeah, there's so many racists comments that are let go when a black man commits a crime on other stories and they are never screened. But now it's an outrage. I don't care!

      • Fed up

        An educated guess would be that when a black man commits a violent crime, it's not a shock to anybody anymore. People are just numb to it. Change yourselves, and your world will change!

  • smh@thecomments

    wow… i wanted to read this article but i guess i will find it elsewhere… WAY too many disturbing comments about a woman that was MURDERED!! (bottom line).. and when did that complex become gated?? better yet… just an fyi "life" and "health" iinsurance are 2 different things!

  • Joe Dokes

    Looks like a possible burglary gone bad. If you place is robbed, the cops won't do much, but with a homicide, they will get prints, hair samples, etc – which will lead them to the burgler.

  • Claudia Uribe

    Im sorry for the loss of this woman…

    But a COP kills 2 and gets hit with $500,000 Bond

    This guy kills 1 and gets hit with $5 million bond

    What is wrong with this picture????

    • For the victims

      My sentiments EXACTLY!! Like I said before remember the judge who only set bail at $500K for the police officer who killed those two young men on Lake Shore Drive. My condolences to the family of Lisa Ellis.

      • Shelley

        This has nothing to do with that….stop your complaining and give the woman who lost her life the respect she deserves…post your political rants somewhere else.

  • Nameless

    I knew this guy since high school – well. I am not totally surprised he was charged with this. He has always been a criminal. Nice guy, and I didn't expect he would go this far. I am disgusted, disturbed, appalled, and EMBARRASSED to say I know him. Lisa was my dad's co-worker's sister. I am embarrassed that I know him.

    GOD BLESS Lisa's family – my heart aches for their unexpected and tragic loss at the hands of another fucking monster. My prayers are with her family. And may God have mercy on Paul's black soul.

  • anonymous

    Wow the ignorance of some.peeps… That guy is a peice of shit crackhead obviously and for u above to stick.ip for a piece of shit like that and accuse a greiving husband … your a Piece of shit as well and deserve a good ass kicking …..

  • Apalled

    I also knew this guy in high school . He was a constant reminder of why I wanted to move out of that town, Elgin. He was always in trouble or looking for trouble. Mentally unstable and it's unfortunate that it has taken him murdering that beautiful girl to be removed from society. I pray for Lisa's family and know that he will get what he deserves in this life and after IN HELL!

  • out for justice

    Do you dumb asses really think that a person would go 3 houses down from where he lives and kill a person than just walk home and go to sleep are you that fucking stupid?????

  • out for justice

    is elgin pd really getting hard up to solve cases?? why dont you look harder check the brother closer maybe you'll find something. the guys brother is a drug addict,brakes into home,dont work and lives in park ridge but hangs out in elgin. oh yes he informed to the police about his brother to collect the reward money. does that not sound fishy to you it does to me

    • Guest

      I hope you went to the Elgin Police with this information and not just commenting on news articles. If this is really true, they need to know.

  • out for justice

    News Flash!! did anyone check out booner dumbrowski the brother of this paul johnson dude? this guy is going around telling how the murder went down in detail. and this puss bag wants to hold a press conference about the muder. tell me this guy is not part of this crime. Elgin PD wake up!!