Drew Peterson’s son loses appeal to get police job back

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Drew Peterson’s son has lost an appeal to get his police job back.

Steven Peterson was fired as an Oak Brook police officer after investigators learned he stashed three of his father’s guns while authorities were investigating the disappearance of Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacey.

Steven Peterson’s lawyers appealed the police commission’s ruling to DuPage County, saying the punishment was excessive. He says he held the guns because they were his father’s favorites.

Drew Peterson hasn’t been charged in Stacey’s disappearance but he’s serving a 38-year prison sentence for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

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      • Fed up

        His son hid two of his fathers weapons knowing that the police were looking for his fathers weapons. Isn't that obstruction of justice? His son, being a police officer, fully knew that the police wanted all evidence. Instead he did them and took possession of them for his father.

    • Diane

      @ Fed up~
      Why were guns considered evidence? While the original coroner's report was poorly done and a number of things missed . I'm sure the autopsy team didn't miss any bullet holes. If the police wanted Petterson's guns they should have executed a search warrent which showed just cause while they were still in the home.

    • Fed up

      Actually, no, I am not a police officer. However, I did major in criminal justice, but I have a masters degree in a different field. My point is that if his son is trying to hide weapons that the police are interested in, how can his son be trusted to be a police officer and testify in court about future cases? How can this man arrest somebody, when he, himself, helped conceal firearms that the police have deemed pertinent to their investigation? And for future posts, it's "you're", not your.

  • edward c. stengel

    Of course the judge ruled that way. It was the easy way out. Just join the lynch mob, and then you can say you're just like everybody else. Drew Peterson has become fashionable to hate, and anybody connected to him gets the same treatment..

  • Kelly Walsh

    Whether Drew Petterwon is guilty or innocent isn't what bothers as much as having 'specific legislation" passed in order to convict one person. Just as scarey are Illinnois citizens who are not aware of the consequences of such actions. A certain trail judge and Will County D.A. are more of a threat to my safety and well being than having Drew Petterson free on the streets.

    • Fed up

      I do agree with you on the ruling, and the negative consequences it could very well have on future cases. But, we will have to agree to disagree on the son and his actions. :/