Boy struck by Metra train in ‘good spirits’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Doctors say an 11-year-old boy who lost part of a leg after a Metra train hit him in Barrington, is lucky to be alive.

The boy was in critical condition after he was struck by an inbound Metra train Friday evening about a block from the Barrington station.


According to authorities, the child also lost several toes from his other leg.

Doctors said he has a long road to recovery.

The boy is a student at Hough Street Elementary School.

Nine Metra trains, either headed inbound for Chicago or outbound to McHenry County suburbs were delayed for up to 90-minutes as authorities investigated the accident.

Police are still trying to figure out how the accident happened.

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  • treeh

    the only difference between a good neighborhood and a bad neighborhood sre the what class? Neighbors key work Neigh denying for the betterment of the whole neigh drug neigh gangs neigh violence will be tolerated. People are dumb ass hell protect your own community, the baby mama dumb and the daddy dumb Ghetto Pass my ass whenpeople gunning for you,you get away from everyone you love,he probably held the baby as a bullet proof vest who knows.

    • 2NAs

      DUMB ass you should keep your negative comment to yourself, it dont matter were some one comes from or how they live their lives, you are sick to think he used his baby as a sheild, But hey i guess everyone is intitaled to their own opinions. OH NOT TO MENTION YOU ARE COMMENTING ON THE WRONG DAMN STORY DUH!

    • AM1

      What kind of idiot replies like this? It takes a special kind of moron to think this way and you my friend take 1st place in stupidity. Congrats, don't say you've never won anything. Next time reply to the right story even if your wrong on that one too and do yourself a favor and buy a dictionary while your at it……

  • McQue

    How does anyone understand the comments posted on this site? Most of the postings lack punctuation, correct spelling, or proper grammar. I've read “treeh's” posting three times and I still do not have a clue of what he or she was attempting to say. The posting by 2NA is not much better. Take some pride in your posting people! How do people like this get a job?

    • ANK

      Seriously. I can't believe how stupid these comments are. I guess it makes sense, morons who can't spell don't have anything good to say.

  • keeping real

    flipping burgers, someone have to do it. and back to story, where the hell were the parents? god help that litttle kid? i really hope he/she comes out o.k. man feel real bad!!!!

  • cBuilding

    Why does nobody do research when they want an answer? Other sources say that he was waiting for an outbound metra train to pass, and didn't see the one that hit him because of that. Now chances are that his parents might have both had working jobs, and he was simply walking home from school, doing a simple daily routine. The route isn't far and actually does cross this path. Even if this wasn't the case, would you really be hovering over your kid for forever? This was nobody's fault. This wasn't even the kid's fault, and blaming the parents because they weren't holding the kid's hand all the way back and forth everyday is an utterly ignorant and closed-minded accusation.

    • Spec investigator

      It wasn't even the kids fault? It was the kids fault!
      Haven't his parents, his teachers and probably now-a-days the local community service police that give lectures at schools after similiar incidenets taught these 'victims' anything? Do we need to assign a commonsense/guardian angel, to hold their hand, to warn, to instruct, to pamper, to wipe away the tears when something doesn't go their way, to help them think, for foolish people that just don't want to get it ?