Gas station clerk fatally stabbed in Streamwood

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 24-year-old man was fatally stabbed while working overnight as a clerk in a Streamwood gas station.

chi-gas-station-clerk-fatally-stabbed-in-strea-002Just after 4:30 Saturday morning, Streamwood police say a man entered the Thornton’s Gas Station and stabbed 24-year-old Anandkumar Jaiswal in the chest several times before taking money from the cash register.

Jaiswal was the only one working at the time.  He was Anandkumar Jaiswalrushed to a hospital in Hoffman Estates and pronounced dead just after 5:30 a.m.

Police released still photos from the surveillance camera of the suspect.  He is holding a knife, he had his face and hands covered, and was wearing one white shoe, and one dark colored shoe.

The suspect is described as a white male, between 5’9 and 6 feet tall.  Investigators with the major case assistance team are working with Streamwood police to find the killer.

Jaiswal moved to Streamwood from India two years ago.  His family says he had been working the overnight shift at the gas station at the corner of Church and Barrington. His uncle, Ashwin Jaiswal, said “He was such a nice guy, trying to make a living, supporting his family his whole life.”

Fatal Streamwood gas station stabbingThe victim’s heartbroken family members are searching for answers.  They say Jaiswal lived about two miles from the gas station.

His family says he was saving money for college, and that he hoped to return to India one day to get married and find work.  They said there is no one who would ever want to hurt him.

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  • Susan Saunders

    i work at a gas station and have worked 3rd our policy is doors locked at midnight till 6 am everything is prepay during those hours. our company requires 2 employees during the other hours for the safety of our matter where the store is located.

  • Susan

    It is such a tragedy that Thorton's can not pay for better security. I don't feel people should be working alone on a 3rd shift. Thorton's could have well afforded to put at least 2 people on duty with the money they make.
    To leave that poor kid alone was a crime in itself. They know they have done wrong there, I hope they do catch you whoever you are . Whoever turns your ass in gets $25,000.00…Your lucky I don't know you ….You gutless piece of trash, you would be sitting behind bars right now,
    My heart goes out to the family of Anandkumar Jaiswal….My prayers are with you and even though I did not know your son I know the feeling of loss. He is in peace now.

  • LOU


  • meg

    Poor young man, what a senseless act. How terrified he must have felt. I believe these types of businesses, gas stations, 24 hr marts, should be closed between 1-5 am, with window walk up service only. Hopefully there is other surveillance footage that can aide police.

  • Sam

    Its funny how people are on here fighting about what they think should be fixed, or about how this is racist when we should all just be hoping for justice, in the economy we are in, this was an unavoidable, tragic event, i just wissh that the world could change, but it never willl stop complaining about Thorntons policies and security it happened, too late to fix it, just pray for his family, let it be taken care of by the professionals

  • Thorton Customer

    My Deepest Sadness Goes out to Andy's family. This gentleman or any God's creation never deserve this! A young man who's trying to make a living, fulfil a dream, working shifts to try an survive and an Asshole comes in and do this cowardly act. This gentleman displayed and sold customer service (along with the whole staff) every morning, making my day at 400 a.m easier to begin a days of work. To the family, it's hard to say STAY STRONG! However, god will make it easier as the days passes by. I thoughts and prayers goes out to each love ones. I am griefing with you as well. Keep The Faith! This asshole will be caught

  • Hopeful

    The police should be looking at that knife the guy used. Looks very unique and im sure someone will remember seeing a knife like that. They should be posting pics of the knife.

  • madison

    if seen allot of bad stuff in streamwood but this was the worse they should stp making people suffer i myself am a single mom and im thinking about moving according tohow dangerous it is i already sufferd a divorce

  • nancy

    r.i.p im so sad what kind of selfish person would do this i give the family that sufferd love,shelter,prayers,god i feel the pain and to the family that this happend to im so sorry for your loss and you are safe i feel so bad i wish i could make a change