Father of murdered baby talking to police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The father of baby Jonylah made a dramatic visit to Area South Police Headquarters Thursday night to talk with detectives. Baby dies after being shot; City leaders speak out

Police say 29-year-old Jonathan Watkins is a known gang member and was the intended target of the shooting on Monday.

He didn’t answer any reporters’ questions, but he expressed through his spokesman, Pastor Corey Brooks, that he wants his daughter’s killer caught.

“We want this resolved so that Jonathan and Judy can start having a life, after a loss,” said Brooks.

Watkins went to talk to police soon after leaving the hospital.

He was changing his six-month old baby Jonylah’s diaper in a parked minivan on the south side, when a gunman approached and opened fire on them both.

The baby survived  emergency surgery for five gunshot wounds, but she died the next morning.

Sources tell WGN that police have identified who they’re looking for in the murder of Baby Jonylah.

Pleas for the Woodlawn community to break a street code of silence have apparently worked with tips pouring in to police all week.

Police are not saying whether they’ve identified a suspect.

Jonylah’s wake and funeral are Tuesday.

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  • Kau

    NO Matter what his Past holds, it's NEVER Ok for your child to be gunned down and killed because of the senseless act of others. I don't care what gang he represents, he is now a grieving Father. And can't no Human who walk this Earth just like he do judge him.

  • Chile, Please!

    It is never OK to live a risky lifestyle that would put your own precious child (or anyone else for that matter), in harm's way. End of story.

    • Reesey

      Seriously? So that makes it ok that his child, his BABY is gone? And did you forget that baby had a mother. A BABY is dead because of a heartless coward. Her family is in mourning. My heart breaks for them

      • smiley

        The baby is gone because of careless decisions made by her mother and father. When her mother was 8 months pregnant she was shot. Maybe that should have been a sign to get the hell away from a gangbanger. The heartless coward that killed the baby was after who? Oh her FATHER!

      • Astonished

        No one says its ok. But when you grow up and have children that you're job is to protect, you think about the danger you put them in and ensure they're safe. If you were a gangbanger arrested 39 times you probably better move far away or get shot.

  • dAN W

    I am very sorry for this guy loss but lets be real. He is in a gang and hiding behind the reverend. Do you really think this child would be dead if was not in a gang. He chose the life and its a shame that child is the one that had to pay the price. Some of you commenting need to wake up!

    • Sharon

      A real man spoken oh my i heard about this but was at dinner with family as we do every Sunday IN I WAS ASKED if i had heard my response was where her no in Chicago WHERE ever i had too look in to , it took me really Father Dad please !!!! Whatever Unreal !!!! But real that took the breath out of me when i read this !!!!!!! Prayer goes up !!!! Sadd they just cant get it its not cowboys in toy Indians this is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jr a

    the father and mother are pieces of crap that child is an angel now and wont have to grow up in their garbage world notice how the father walked out of the hospital like" poor me" how many people did he kill ? and what is he doing changing a diaper in the freezing cold in a van

    • kirby1414

      jr.a – – I agree with you – additionally -why didn't he talk to police while he was in the hospital? Doesn't look too injured to me…
      BOTH -yes -BOTH parents should be responsible for this little baby's death – – and both should be put in prison!

  • sande7

    how does a baby, laying flat on a car seat, having her diaper changed end up with 5 bullets in her body? This story makes no sense. Wouldn't the dad's back have been to the shooter? Anyone ever changed a child's diaper? You are usually facing your infant, talking to them as you change the diaper. This is a messed up story.

    • yoo

      This is exactly what I have been saying. I think you are absolutely right and why is no one looking into the fact that he may have put that baby in front of him as a shield.

  • precious

    you guys who are making these comments about the mother and father of this baby so you all are stupid ass because it would have not many any difference if her father was in a gang look at all the kids who lost their life and they father was not in a gang so u guys comments are so stupid u don't know the case nobody knows but the father so

  • MWS

    Ahhhh….funny how the story is spun into different webs. He was an upstanding member of society; a family man trying to care for his kid(s) and had no affiliation with any gangs. Now AFTER its dead he is reported to be a gang member. He probably held it up as a shield to protect himself. How could it be shot 5 times while getting its diaper changed? Doesn’t make sense. I absolutely agree with the comment ^^ that the mom should have left after she was shot in the leg. She will be knocked up again within a month so she doesn’t lose her benefits. Poor thing never had a chance at a good life with such crappy role models as these two so called “parents”. Stupid people should not pro-create.

  • Brian Millersmith

    The intended target WAS the baby -not the father. That's how gangs work. They kill the loved ones of the other gang idiots. If they kill the gang idiot itself (yeah, they're *its*), the suffering ends. They want to PUNISH…

    • fresh2204

      You must be from Hollywood somewhere if you really believe that… there are rules to gangs just like their rules in the mobb….not as organized but that's bullshit

  • Adriene

    First my condoleces to the family for their loss of this precious little baby girl. I absolutely agree with the above statement. First, thing is why was the father changing the baby diaper in the cold. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the father leaving out to pickup the mother from work. If this was the case. Second, who changes a baby sitting up in my thinking the father would have substained more gunshots than the baby girl. I'm just say!!! If the baby was lying down she would have been shot in the head but the way this baby was shot the father was using this baby as a shield to protect himself. Think about these bullets hitting all these vital organs on that baby girl.

    • sharon

      YES my first thought he bend over or whatever in new the bullet would like whatever not a doctor but please that's his life don't give a darn but he want have peace Nope !!!!! saved now but on his way!!!!!!

  • Charles Brown

    I been in Chicago 44 years and knows the Gang Culture. For one the way it was supposed to go was the Gunman walked up on him to do him. However he has a baby with him, so the gunman was to show his face and tell him you got your baby with you so you gets a Ghetto Pass. That’s how it was suppose to went. BUT NO some idiot shoots with disregard of babies. Plus the married father is very dumb because the south side is still gangbanging so he had no business living on 65th and Maryland. That’s blackstone territory so he is at serious fault living over there. Whats sad is Mayor Emanuel boast Chicago is a great city meanwhile in the urbsn areas we are so numb to violence that 2weeks later we forget about the horrific incident and the next episode is waiting to happen. I have 2kids myself and would never want to bury them before me. But Chicago needs to make one last ditch effort with a ceasefire. Get Ceasefire to travel to the federal jails and give Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Vicelord cheif, Geno Latin Kings a platform to speakn to the citywide a gang truce

    • fresh2204

      100 no old people no kids, nobody that isn't in the game point blank period…..done been in that situation were I was with the shooter and the almost victim had his little girl. I made it my bussiness to stop it that day and IMA rider….

  • jeff

    he paid someonr to get out child support……………. this state has you for life once you bring a child in and cant support the child ………..yet this state you cant find a decent job go figure its the lawmakers and wanna be attorneys that killed this state into a lockdown

  • Andrea

    Ceasefire is worthless. They exist to get funding and to keep existing. All they do is put teddy bears of street corners and do those idiotic fat mamma marches.

  • Guest

    thats stupid i wouldnt give a damn if he was a gd his child is dead you stupid ass she is a baby smfh i wouldnt wish that on noone and most of you havent lived that life your on the outside looking in so shut up.now thats the end of the end of the story

  • jack

    I feel so bad for that poor girl. She did not deserve that. They shuld not be living in the south side anyway, especially with a kid!

  • Average Joe

    Just another shitbag who got his innocent child killed for being in a ghetto ass gang. Maybe he didn't realize that when you're in a gang, you have a target on your back? Then again, why have an actual job when you can sell drugs and collect government money

  • retiredinaz1

    Live bythe sword…..die by the sword. this jerk is a Gangster Disciple……..sorry for the baby….those bullets should have found their way to this idiot's brain

  • mz b

    bullet has no name or eyes for ppl to say some of the stupid comment need to go kill they self.yall talking about y he was changing his baby pamper n the van um maybe she piss or shited and everybody no he was the target ok but when shots get fired they dont always go to the rite ppl if that was the case we will still a lot of ppl n the world that we lost

  • Jay

    Where is Jesse jackass, I mean Jackson! Why isn’t he walking the streets demanding justice??? Oh yea I forgot this is a black on black crime! And yes the shithead dad did use that innocent baby as a shield