Family sues furniture maker after dresser kills toddler

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Barrington family is suing a furniture maker after a dresser fell on top of their two-year-old son, killing him.

Shane Siefert, 2, suffered head trauma and died from suffocation after the dressed tipped over and crushed him in the family’s home in 2011.

Lisa Siefert filed a lawsuit Thursday against Gemme Juvenile Inc, the maker of the dresser, and the now-closed Illinois store Furniture Kidz.

The lawsuit states that no warnings or instructions were given to help prevent a tip-over. It argues that the child’s dresser should have had an “anchoring strap” in place, or some other system that would ensure that the dresser wouldn’t tip over.

The dresser, the “Natart Chelsea 3-drawer dressers” were sold between January 2005 and December 2010 for between $600 and $900.    The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled about 300 of them after Shane’s death.

Gemme Juvenile is now supplying the owners of these dressers with a “free retrofit kit” that includes a safety strap to secure the dresser to a wall.



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  • Jennifer

    If they knew the dresser didn’t come with an anchor kit, why did they keep it? Why didn’t they address that issue upon immediate realization of the missing piece? Accountability. They could have returned the piece of furniture.

    This is so sad because it didn’t have to happen. I blame both sides equally.

    • Hubert

      I agree. Whenever I buy something, I will either look for an anchor strap or I will make one myself. It just sounds like these parents are blaming someone else for their stupidity.

      • Courtney

        Really? do you have children? I have bought children's furniture for my kids and NONE of the pieces came with anchors. When you put your toddler down for a nap, they can get out of bed and climb or get into things. Does that make the parent a bad or stupid parent? Parents do not always get the information they should. Raising children is a huge job and sometimes details get lost. If you have a job, do you do everything perfectly or have you made mistakes or over looked a detail or two? What happened to their son was not negligence or stupidity, just a terrible accident. You are obviously just an ignorant fool commenting where you have no knowledge or first hand experience raising a child.

    • Tim

      you'd be surprised at the number of people that have absolutely no idea that items like dressers, entertainment stands, and ovens are supposed to be anchored. yes, even ovens. they can tip if the door is opened fully and the child stands on it like a platform.

  • get real

    how does a dresser fall over? Take responsibility for watching you own children. The consumer product safety commission should recall some parents.

    • Courtney

      You get real. You are an idiot, not to mention callous and unfeeling. See my comment to Hubert above. You can always tell people expressing an opinion with no life experience to back it up.

  • bobanmebrudder

    Another one looking for easy money using a tragedy. When will people learn THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the care of children. I feel sorry for the family.

  • anne k

    Children are unpredictable and if a child is under the age of reason, they have to be protected by caretakers. Besides the manufacturers, caretakers must be diligent. My 2 year old grandson 's video and sound monitor is constantly on when he is napping sleeping for the night. There is no way to know or anticipate every danger children are exposed to. My heart goes out to the family. No amount won in a lawsuit can replace a child. But thank them for exposing danger so that we can better protect in the future.

  • Cecilia

    Sorry for the child. These parents should get sued for not watching their child. Always blaming someone else for their stupidity. Children are children they get into everything. These parents nowadays blame everyone else except themselves, and then want to sue for money. It’s a shame. Now they want labels on everything like they don’t understand. They need to go to school to understand. This is not a perfect world

  • Kevin

    I'm not an engineer, just a proponent of common sense. I anchored my kids' dresssers to the wall without having to be told to do so.

  • Brian Millersmith

    Sad how people try to reap fortune on a company (or companies) on account of their own stupidity and simply want CA$H… Someone, please tip a dumpster over on these idiot parents before they pop any more out…

  • Lor

    Very sad that their child died. However it is not the fault of the manufacturer. If you look at the recall on this dresser. The dresser was modified after the sale and the child was crawling up the open drawers when the dresser fell over. Dressers falling over because of a child climbing has been a problem for a long time. That is why they sell anti tip hardware at baby stores.

  • Tired of the Morons

    That's right sue the mfg. Don't take any blame for the kid playing with the dresser. It has drawers and is capable of falling. Take responsibility for not watching your child.

  • FishMan

    Where were the Parents? Yes, Its Harsh. But I never had my eyes my kids. 2yrs old, should never be left unattended. We sure miss the days when parents were parents.

  • In context

    First of all…. These parents are active in changing laws so that manufacturers are required to include anchor straps in the hopes of preventing further accidents of this sort….unfortunately they need to sue in order to help that hope along. This is NOT about money people. Second- If you simply google them, you will see that both parents were home, the husband was mowing the lawn, the wife and older daughter were downstairs, and the son was napping. No one heard a thing. The mom discovered her son after realizing he had been napping longer than usual.