CPD Supt. McCarthy: Slain infant’s father intended target of shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A baby has died one day after she and her father were targeted by an unknown gunman.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy says the baby’s father was the intended target.

Monday’s shooting happened in the 6500 block of South Maryland, in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Police say 28-year-old Jonathan Watkins was changing Joneyela Watkins’s diaper in the front seat of a minivan, when someone walked up and fired several shots.

The baby was shot five times, including in her lungs, liver, bowel, leg, and shoulder.

The baby underwent surgery at Comer Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

“This morning, the baby passed away,” said the Rev. Corey Brooks.  “We have another tragedy in the city of Chicago.”

“They went through several surgeries.  A lot of the bleeding, they could not stop.  There was some complications with the liver and lungs,” said Brooks.

The baby’s father remains hospitalized at Northwestern Hospital in serious but stable condition.

Police have made no arrests.

Police say the shooter ran to a blue conversion van in a nearby parking lot and sped away.

“It’s hard to see the progress sometimes that’s being made in reducing violence and that’s for a very simple reason: as long as we have one victim in this city, particularly the tragedy of a child, it’s hard to recognize, ” said Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy at a news conference Tuesday.

Police are searching the area forsurveillance video but say at this point, they have no good witnesses other than the father. And he’s in no condition to cooperate. He was the intended target, McCarthy said at the news conference, not Joneyela

“No child, and certainly not an infant, should be the victim of gang violence,” McCarthy said.

Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church is offering $6,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

“The city of Chicago should be outraged that, in our city, a six-month-old baby could be shot and killed.  It’s horrific,” said Brooks.

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  • bunnyland

    lord you the only one that can heal the family hearts my god i ask of you to bring justices to this family let the person that took away a innocent soul that had no clue of violence that came upon her behold in the pit of hell for this crime they have committed there is no words that can console this pain this evil person has brought upon this family only you my god can remove such pain i just pray for this family health and strenght and protect them in the blood of jesus christ…..

  • MWSanders

    I highly doubt the father didn’t have gang-relations. What I do know is that the mother will be pregnant again in a matter of weeks from a different non-ganger and will forget all about baby Sheniqua..or whatever its name was. That poor baby didn’t stand a chance….but you know what they say about taking the monkey out of the jungle.

    • Chile, Please!

      I seriously doubt you have a brain in your head.

      … And you know what they say about you in-bred homicidal krackers who massacre innocents at school (Sandy Hook, Columbine, Shepherd University, University of Texas, West Nickel Mines Amish School); mosques, movie theaters and company buildings.

      Get off of you mom's internet and move out of her basement, you piece of trash.

  • Chile, Please!

    Why aren't the police investigating whoever threatened the father with gun violence on his Facebook page last Sunday?

    If the father is a thug, God have mercy on his sorry soul for getting his child killed… and the mother for not only having a precious baby, but leaving this precious child with the thug of a father.

  • kirby1414

    This is sad on so many levels of sadness. The Mother of this little angel is also responsible for this baby's death. She KNEW that the father was a gang banger – What good did she see would come of continuing to be associated with this piece of crap??? She was shot herself when she was pregnant…and that wasn't enough of a wake up to her? BOTH of these so called parents are responsible.
    The community needs to wake up and take back their community. The fault of this killing and all the other tragedies lies with both those that actually DO the crime and those that turn their heads and pretend that they don't see – -THEY SEE – and they are cowards!

  • Tommy Tee

    Well once again a senseless shooting that leaves one of precious children dead. The sad fact is that when this guy gets caught…and then goes to court….the Sate's Attorney will more that likely make a deal where he ends up serving a few years in one of the minimum security prison. Were he can watch tv, listen to his radio, have recreation time….sitting on his butt waiting for his release date. Also he will more than likely be involved in gang activity there with the rest of his mob!!!! This is a fact!!!!! Why all this senseless Black on Black crime?

  • Monica

    As a mom, my heart is hurting! This baby 6 months old, did nothing but live. This is disgusting! I pray that this heartless coward will have no rest and that is spirit will be in constant turmoil until he is brought to justice. Praying for the City of Chicago.

  • Officer Keith Irvin

    I am a twenty two year veteran of the Chicago police dept and i am appalled and devasted about this tradegy of the senseless murder of this precious angel.but I’m even more outraged that the father is a know gang member and drug dealer who put this angel in harms way with his lifestyle. And once again the family is stating that he is not a gang member check the facts.its a shame that in our community no one wants to take responsibility for the wrong things that they do.and the no snitch culture is just a travesty.we as police need help in solving crimes like this from the public but the sad fact of the matter is people know who these bloodsucking murders are and do everything to protect them. It’s a shame and as a black man I am devastated. But we as a people have fallen so far away from god that we no longer serve god but serve Satan and wonder why we are in the condition and times that we are in. The devil and man has made everything that Jesus and god tells us is wrong and wicked seem fair seeming.so now we live in a society were everything is ok.may god have mercy on all our souls and provide comfort to the mother and her family.



  • Officer Keith Irvin

    I would also like to add that we as black men need to take back our communities and neighborhoods by not running out on our women and leaving them to raise our children especially our boys by themselves these are our sons,nephews,brothers that are out here in these streets. Our women are tired and over burdened with the task of trying to work,go to school and raise our children.so we as black men need to stand up and be counted and raise our boys. A women can raise a boy but she can't teach him how to become a man just like a man can raise a girl but he can't teach her how to become a lady. So black men lets all stand up and stand together and take back the head of our households and raise our boys and girls and love our beautiful black sisters. Then our women would love us and respect us like they want to because that's in their nature. We are the providers and protectors and our women are the teachers and nurturers of our children.and put god first and then we will be in oneness with god and he will bestow his favor on us and our children.

    • Will

      it might be time to start physically running these boys off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods..they are effectively the black KKK

  • shanta

    My heart was heavy yesterday to even hear about a 6month infant being shot! and now to know she didn't make it, just hurts my heart tremendously! This is sad Chicago we have to do better and take a stand and come together, this is beyond out of control. My prayers and condolence are with the family of this baby girl she didn't deserve for her life to be taking by a coward hell nobody deserves for another person to take life from them. Family stay strong and pray, pray, pray KEEP GOD FIRST , and, TRUST,and Believe He will get you through this! R.I.H Jonailyah

  • Will

    The black community in Chicago is infected with sanctimonious fools and uneducated violent youth. A deadly yin and yang of complacency and violence that will continue to lead to the deaths of children and innocent adults. signed a black man

  • Mannie

    Unbelivable, there is no end in sight. Gang members gather in my neighborhood today around 79th Halsted. To
    Throw gang signs and sell dope and cigarettes.
    There is no end in sight.

    • Will

      I see it everyday and the police officers just drive right by. Same thing from 79th and Cottage Grove down to the lakeshore.

  • Enrique

    The alleged father knows whom his gang rivals are. It will be interesting to see if G-Daddy turns them in or “handles his business.”

  • Serhiy

    What the hell has this world turned into.
    Gunman shoots a baby…??
    thats not a gunman thats a fucken metaly sick fucker

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    I think I would check to see if this baby had a life insurance policy on her. It seems clear the daddy used her as a shield. Where is baby mama?

  • justice4jonylah

    First of all,

    Stop speaking on things that you don't know anything about. He was NOT a gang member. The reason he's being labeled as that is to make the police not have to do their actual job! When you label something as "gang related" it's easier to sweep it under the rug.


    The mother was caught in cross fire, which had nothing to do with her being a gang member. It's the neighborhood in which she lives in.

    He didn't put his daughter at risk. If the neighborhood is in the middle of a gang war, and he's open and out in the neighborhood, he'll be targeted because it's easy to get him.

    People think that they know everything that goes on in these neighborhoods but they really don't. Stop being so quick to believe what the media tell you.

    Justice for Jonylah!

    • Chile, Please!

      Well, your head's certainly been stuck in the sand. The father IS a gang member, with several dozens of arrests. It's people like you who enable the sick cycle of violence. SMH!

  • grey7399

    This child was born to die. Because of who her father was and what he chose to make of his life. Nothing could have saved her. If she hadn't been shot now, it might have happened later and if she survived she would have grown up to be her mother. A baby mama to a gang banger.

    I'm not sure what is the saddest here. I'm grateful her pain was short.