Chicago police sergeants union votes down new contract

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Police Sergeants Union voted overwhelmingly to reject a new contract that included changes to retirement plans.

This vote by about 1100 union members, was a test to see if the rank and file would go along with a path to pension reform.  That test failed miserably today.

Still, the mayor says he plans to forge ahead with reforms in Springfield while the much larger Fraternal Order of Police, which represents about 17,000 Chicago officers says the plan is unconstitutional.

Chicago Police Sergeants Union president Jim Ade thought the deal was a good one, and a seat at the table for pension reform.  The agreement was part of a larger contract vote, which would have raised the retirement age from 50 to 53 over four years and frozen cost of living increases every other year.

The vote by more than 1000 sergeants was overwhelmingly rejected.

“We believe we did the best we could do for our membership and the point got down to where there wasn’t going to be an agreement on tying pension legislation into the contract.  I think that’s what the vote was really about,” Ade said.

Mayor Emanuel touted the plan last month as a roadmap to broader pension reform.  Today, in statement, he called the vote disappointing saying the plan found  “…common ground and a fair compromise that put our city first.  Neither public employees nor taxpayers should be asked to pay into a system that is unsustainable.”

The mayor’s office says current state law puts city taxpayers on the hook for an additional $700 million dollars in pension funding in 2015, which they say would cripple city services.

FOP President Mike Shields is happy the contract and agreement was rejected calling the mayor’s plan unconstitutional.

“The sergeants spoke up here and they spoke up loud and clear to the mayor,” said Shields.  “And it’s a true message to the 5th floor that they need to get in touch with Chicago and stop living in a fantasy world where they’re blaming the employee for the problems of management. “

The police sergeants union will now go into arbitration over its contract, which likely won’t include that pension agreement.

The mayor says his plan for reform will go forward, with or without the unions at the table.  His office said the city simply cannot afford that $700 million dollar balloon payment in two years.

Ultimately, it’s up to state lawmakers.

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  • Just Me

    Daley…er, Rahm..going to Springfield is basically the kiss of death for almost anything he demands, since the rest of the state can't stand him, Chicago politics, or anything to do with either.

  • John

    Here we go again with the unions. First, the CTU. Now, the CPSU. Next, Streets and Sanitation or CTA? All self-serving, greedy, and propelled to burn this city to the ground! Abolish all these unions!

  • David

    John, you are a As@$0le… We work hard, serve the city, take your nonsense , clean up the city's sh$t and pay our dues……Now you "John Q. Citizen wants us to just roll over and play dead when it omens to collecting the money that we legally and lawfully are due…. Why dont you speak Ill of the crooked back room, under the table politicians who borrowed against and stole our pensions…How would you like to have to work 25-30 years at a job, just to be told at the end that you can't get the pension that you contributed into. Or that you have to dish out $600-$900 a month for health care while on a fixed income… We served you!!!! Now be fair and LEAVE OUR PENSIONS ALONE!!!!!!

    • Don

      Thanks David,
      It's the idiotic, uninformed people like this clown who fuel Rahm's master plan. City Hall has successfully led the public to believe that we are GIVEN this pension…I have very good friends who were shocked when they learned that not only do we pay in 9% of every dollar we earn for 30 years, but we aren't even eligible to collect Social Security.
      The bottom line is this John – if the city had lived up to their end of the agreement in the first place, like every single officer in the city has, there would be no pension problem. They chose to do what they wanted and ignore THEIR obligations. Hope you enjoy "The Bean."

      • Jeff

        You voted for them!!!! eat up!!!not my vote … Need a bib and a sippy cup ..time to hedge the bushes and your first

    • John

      Hold on, you are not serving me nor the taxpayers of Chicago, you are serving yourself! Instead of owning up to your own selfishness and greed, you point at others such our politicians? Great explanation Mr. Cop! Its not just you or the CPD that is in this retirement pay mess, everybody is because everybody is working their backs too. Now, don't act like a hero or something especial because you are not. You get overtime pay just a cashier at Mc Donald's. You sit all day in your squad cars sipping coffee and eating doughnuts. And yeah, you are doing your job, that's why we have highest crime rate! Clap, clap, clap. You are driven to work by your wage not by patriotism. I challenge you and the CPD to exist without the union, let's find out how many patriotic cops will remain.

      • Niki

        I hope next time you or ur loved one needs police service u piece of sh** that u r left dying in the street. Let me guess, ur a pus** sitting in an office somewhere while we r out protecting your bit** as*. Rot in hell yuppie scum

      • Trish

        Hope you never need a greedy cop or firemen……….call a teacher, when you are being robbed or your house is burnign to the ground

      • Trish

        Wage……….WAGE??? Do you have any idea what cops are paid……… would be suprised to find they make less than most greeters at Walmart you asshole…..AND no benefits………AND if they are killed, thier widows get less than half thier pension…………BITE ME JOHN I watched my best friend grow up without her father after he was killed stopping a robbery at a grammar school……he was 41 with 4 kids…….her mother and 17 year old brother worked 2 jobs to feed them since there was hardly any money coming in and no medical

      • Jake

        You are a dumb cunt! Chicago cops start out around $52,000 in their first year while on probationary status. Then, gets $61,000 the next year. Of course, you get medical benefits too, its in your CBA! So, don't cry out that Walmart greeters make less than you guys.
        Yes, people need police services. Guess what? Its your job, its what you signed up for and its what you get paid for! Stop whining already or just resign and be a Walmart greeter!
        By the way, you guys aren't the finest. You arrive 30 minutes after a 911 call! And you show up up looking all slobbish and sleepy. You don't even want to come over a crash scene because you are doing "real police work"!

    • Josh

      You're aren't only the only ones getting screwed on their pensions, what about the people who lost their pensions going through bankruptcy or their pensions being taken over by PBGC that pays only a fraction of their full pension. You Cops work hard, I Know that, I have family that are retired cops, but now is not the best time to harp on pensions, you guys still have it good compared to a lot of other people.

  • School worker

    We do not have Social Security. We pay for our own retirement every paycheck. City fails to pay own share. Rahm wants us to have nothing for retirement. But he still have huge pocket of tax brakes for corporation in Chicago.

  • Dominique Roma

    We, as the people on the front line, have to understand that we are right and the pols who have neglected to stand as honorable representatives of all the people are wrong, in that they have for years failed to honor their responsibility to contribute their part of the pension contract. They have been kicking that iou can for years and now they have to pay the piper and like typical incompetant slugs they expect us to wipe their butts for them.
    Just like a reprobate kid the only way to get him to move his ass is to kick him in the ass. Well we can do that by not tolerating his sluggidness and impressing upon him the wisdom in doing the honorable thing, by paying his own way, like we did.