Chicago State University president to stay on — for now

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The president of Chicago State University will remain on the job, for now.

University trustees voted not to grant Wayne Watson a sabbatical after all.

The board had previously agreed to give Watson a year-long leave with his $250,000 salary, with the expectation he would then retire.

But Watson refused, and his supporters rallied to save his job.

The board rescinded the sabbatical offer on Friday , and decided to look into whether Watson has violated university policy instead.

Board attorney Langdon Neal said the board will make a decision on Watson’s employment by June 30.

Watson has been president of the South Side public university since 2009, and his contract goes until 2014.

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  • evangelindangelo

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  • Rudy

    why this board didn’t put him an administrative leave is beyond me.The politicians of the southside rule that university. It is in Emil Jones’ pocket even as the feds are closing in on him.

    • CSU Supporter

      Illinois State Law requires that if an administrator takes or is put on administrative leave while they are being investigated, then, if the charges stick, the administrator has to pay back the salary that they "earned" during this leave.. I think that is why Watson initially requested something that his lawyer called a sabbatical (see his lawyer's comments on Chicago Tonight). Watson himself was describing this sabbatical as something like family medical leave but with pay (from his memo to the campus community). It seems to me that Watson was the one who refused to leave quietly with this sweetheart deal.

  • CSU Supporter

    CSU is not a just a" South Side public university". It is a STATE University that is located on the South Side of Chicago. It has a special mission to serve the South Side of Chicago, and the relationship between the University and the community is vital to this part of its mission. But Emil Jones and Rainbow PUSH need to stop trying to control the Board of Trustees of CSU. They need to understand that CSU is not a branch of Rainbow PUSH. These "community leaders" worked hard to make sure that the previous board circumvented standard hiring policies to put Watson in place as President at a time when the man was not eligible for the position because he had so recently retired from his previous public position. Gov. Quinn needs to show enough backbone to support the Board as they work to hold Watson accountable for "violations of policy."
    Chicago STATE University needs to maintain its commitment to its local community, but if the University is controlled by Rainbow PUSH and Emil Jones … the result will not serve the many talented and determined students of this STATE school.

    • kirby1414

      PLEASE! Your ideas are great – make a lot of sense – BUT! This is Chicago – and these crooks -EMil Jones, Rainbow Push, etc. will do what they want to do – -The right thing – be damned! And Gov. Quinn?? He's so scared of the black "leaders" – he would NEVER act…
      Very troubling story – But your points, were spot on!