Bloggers launch petition to ban Kraft from using dye in mac & cheese

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two food bloggers from North Carolina have created a petition to make Kraft Foods stop using dye to color its macaroni and cheese.

Kraft mac & cheese

The two women say the dyes, Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No. 6, are not used in other countries and can cause hyper-activity in children— as well as asthma and migraines.

Their online petition has already received more than 50,000 signatures.

A spokesperson for Kraft says the company takes the concerns seriously and follows the laws in the countries where its products are sold.

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  • Carlos

    Boycott the product, you will get them to stop using the dye faster. However, I would stop using it all together, it is pure junk food.

  • Gedge

    Don't like it? Don't eat it. Perhaps these trekkie bloggers should focus their attention on the fact that 180,000 kids on govt food programs were just cut off from food supplements because of budget cuts. Give me a break

    • Egdeg

      Gedge, there are no such thing as budget cuts. These "cuts" are just to make an extreme point. Don't believe it, repeat it, or care about it – that's the only way it will stop. This didn't happen any other time in your life, but has happened 4 times in the past 5 years… Think about that.

  • Tahuaya Armijo

    One of my favorite meals is a broiled pork chop for the entree and then I have steamed green beans and Kraft Mac & Cheese with it.

    Why do I point out the entire meal? Broiled meat is healthier than other ways to cook meat and steamed veggies are healthy too. I believe in balance and therefore I am not concerned about everything I eat being healthy. All I care about it is that it is not bad for me. I have never had a migraine or asthma. I'm not hyper either. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that Mac & Cheese, for me, is fine.

  • CmonNow

    I get it, but there are DOZENS of other macaroni and cheese options at the grocery store other than Kraft. Don't like it? Buy something else.

    And honestly, if you're THAT concerned about your children's health, you probably shouldn't be feeding them boxed mac and cheese in the first place.

    This petition has received more signatures than others on dealing with gun regulation, anti-gay policies, and health care. If only people would stand up for the things that really matter.

    • RobG

      Fine – tell Kraft to stop marketing to kids. They make products specificallty targeted at kids and then your kids want the Kraft Shapes and not the other brands.

  • dearingdale

    The use of dye's in food is so pervasive! FDA has a ticking time bomb on their hands and really don't know the effects on health… Check out how much "Red 40" is out there – scary!
    "…FDA tests show that the three most-widely used dyes, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6, are tainted with low levels of cancer-causing compounds, including benzidine and 4-aminobiphenyl in Yellow 5. However, the levels actually could be far higher, because in the 1990s the FDA and Health Canada found a hundred times as much benzidine in a bound form that is released in the colon, but not detected in the routine tests of purity conducted by the FDA.”

  • Ethics issue

    Why wouldn't these food manufacturers use spices with health benefits like Cumin for example to turn it more yellow ? It doesn't take a lot, and it has lots of health benefits.

    I think the root cause is really more of an ethics issue than a recipe.

  • Don

    Boil some macaroni, throw in some real cheese. How much harder is it? If your kid insists on "Kraft shapes" educate them about advertising and treat them like the spoiled child they are.

  • Mike Jarosz

    And they wash it down with a coke.

    The people who take factory food seriously amaze me. At the supermarket yesterday, everything the woman in front of me bought was in a printed box or container of some sort. All of it was junk made to be heated up in 5 minutes. Her tab was over $100. Everything in my cart was raw: meat, vegetables, fruit.

    And, she was overweight……

  • Brian

    Somebody has to break the vicious cycle. Most products has some of those bad colorants in them, including stupid things like pickles. Consumers have been consuming these chemicals and it all resulted in Obama being a two-term president – do i need to say more? BAN COLORANTS!

  • onefeather

    They should be more concerned as to what is in the meat..These people should do a little research on Genetically Modified Foods if they are so concerned…It is called "Frankenfoods" for a reason.

  • Donald

    Ban colorants, ban GMO's and ban anything which is not proven healthy. And put the pushers in jail, like the moral midget Donald Rumsfeld, who pushed aspartame on the American public, even though the (then less corrupt) FDA had previously twice rejected it for its clear causation of cancer.