FORM: Apply to be a Firehouse Chef!

Firehouse Chef

Attention all firefighters: Would YOUR firehouse’s king or queen of the kitchen like to appear on the WGN Midday News?  We’re looking for the best Firehouse Chefs. City or suburb, we want to hear from you.  Fill out the form below and submit your BEST recipe and your top chef could end up on the WGN Midday News.

Please note, recipes should be doable in a maximum of 4 minutes and 30 seconds live on our air.

We do not provide make-up, props for any segments or cooking utensils. (including pots, pans and serving dishes).

We have an electric cook top with 5 burners but no oven.

If chosen, we will request a group photo of your firehouse to show on-air.

To view past cooking segments, you can go to

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  • rose

    Firemans Brew brew [redhead,brunette,& blonde] Grant Dist.has this beer available,check it out.For all these firemen do for us,now there is a beer named for them!Every store & bar that handles this sells it well.Take one home,enjoy & you won't get in trouble!Part of profits go back to the fallen firemens fund


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